retail house

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Retail house

A brokerage firm that caters to individual customers rather than large institutions.

Retail House

A brokerage in which most clients are individuals, rather than institutional investors. While there are small retail houses for elite clients, most of these brokerages are large organizations with high overheads because they usually need larger client bases than other brokerages. Brokers at a retail house often earn high commissions, and their research departments produce investment recommendations for individual, as opposed to institutional, investors.

retail house

A brokerage firm that primarily attracts individual investors. A retail house frequently has numerous offices, large office staffs, and high overhead; produces research reports targeted to individuals; and has brokers who earn relatively high commissions.
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the Philadelphia-based retail brokerage firm of which he was the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder.
The bank, in which US investment firm Cerberus Capital Management LP owns more than 50 percent, has said that it will acquire the Tokyo-based retail brokerage firm from Singapore's Temasek Holdings' unit, Normanton Investment Pte Limited and the management of Japan Wealth Management.
The good, according to Robert McMillan, a research analyst at Standard & Poor's, is that the largest retail brokerage firm in the U.
Sabre Real Estate Group LLC, the metropolitan area's newest retail brokerage firm, announced that it has added Jessica Bianculli as a senior associate in its Garden City office.
We thank Prudential for being a strong partner as we built the third largest retail brokerage firm in the nation,' said Wells Fargo chief financial officer Howard Atkins.
Macon, an investment representative at retail brokerage firm Edward Jones in Florissant, Missouri, a year ago the Hills transferred the assets in the conservative fund into a full-service brokerage account.
the country's second-largest retail brokerage firm, Wednesday installed 39-year-old James Dimon as its chairman and chief executive, abruptly displacing Robert F.
He oversees the largest retail brokerage firm in New Jersey, with a leasing and sales portfolio totaling over 12 million square feet.
India-based retail brokerage firm IL&FS Investsmart has been renamed by its owner, HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA).
CHICAGO -- Hub International Limited (Hub), a leading insurance brokerage firm, announced today that it has acquired the assets of Risk Transfer Insurance Alliance, LLC (RTIA), a Southborough, Massachusetts-based retail brokerage firm with offices in Shelton, CT, and Portsmouth, NH, and approximately $3 million in annual revenues.
Sabre Real Estate Group LLC, the New York metropolitan area's newest retail brokerage firm, has arranged a lease in Greenvale for Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, the rapidly growing Florida-based chain's fifth Long Island store.