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Restricted Option

An option contract that the rules of an exchange do not permit to be used in a naked option strategy. That is, one must own the underlying asset (for a call) or sufficient cash to buy the underlying asset (for a put), or have some way to acquire it easily, in order to use a restricted option. An option may become restricted if it is worth less than $50 and is out-of-the-money. Restricted options exist in order to prevent volatility in the market. See also: Covered Option, Straddle.

restricted option

An option in which an uncovered opening transaction cannot be made. An option becomes restricted when it closes at a price under $50 ( 1/2 point) and is out-of-the-money by more than 5 points. Restricted options are not prohibited for covered transactions or spreads.
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Guidolin knows he has restricted options in attack as a result, compounded by the loss of Nathan Dyer for the next two months as the winger undergoes an operation for an ankle problem first discovered in pre-season.
The Kiwi lock was recalled in place of injured Ben Thomas for his first game in a Cov shirt since the end of September, and with restricted options off the bench ended up playing the full 80 minutes as the Blue and Whites held out defiantly to secure a 21-21 draw against the National League One leaders.
And millions of Texas women cannot simply wait for months as this legal battle continues, with severely restricted options for safe and legal abortion services in the state.
After five months of checking the Chevy site for when my order would move to the next level and perusing the Corvette blogs for restricted options and "constrained build" issues, I receive a call that my C7 was waiting for me at the dealer.
We already know from what some have told us that visitors will choose to use Corwen for the car park option rather than the frustrations with restricted options at Llangollen," he said.
With the rise of HDHPs, patients and doctors will need to deal with the permutations of payment, costs, and restricted options in health care services.
In contrast to Israel, changing conditions leave Palestinians with very restricted options.
There have been many advances in equipment over the last 5 years or so from hermetically sealed options with long process times and restricted options regarding chemistry that they can use, to sealed technology options that often do not do what they were supposedly designed to do without major modifications, causing disruption to installation and production needs.
Anthony Platts, from Brewin Dolphin's Tees Valley office, said: "The only caveat is there are restricted options to which companies such a bank could invest in, the opportunity for getting the best investment could be limited.
Captain Rahul Dravid is juggling his restricted options as India try to get back in the three-match series which is scheduled to conclude on Sunday.
5 $615 $153 $ - $473 Company Restricted Options Total Revenues Stock Value Comp.
Other, more restricted options were examinee, but they were rejected by the more countries with more permissive attitudes towards the subject, such as the UK, the Netherlands and Greece.

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