restricted account

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Restricted account

A margin account without enough equity to meet the initial margin requirement that is restricted from any purchases until the requirement is fulfilled.
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Restricted Account

A margin account in which the amount of equity is below SEC or brokerage requirements. Such an account is not allowed to buy any more stocks until the level of equity is raised; a portion each sale of stock must be used to pay down the account's debt. Regulation T sets the minimum equity standards, but individual brokerages may set higher standards. In general, however, an account becomes restricted when the market value of the stocks purchased on margin falls below the amount owed on the stocks. A restricted account is sometimes referred to as a blocked account.
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restricted account

A margin account in which the customer cannot purchase any additional stock on margin without putting up more equity. An account is restricted when its debit balance is greater than the loan value of the securities within the account. Also called blocked account.
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Mauritius based lender SBM has since taken over with 75 per cent of the Sh76 billion held in restricted accounts.
There are certain transactions that they can continue to do, whether they're humanitarian transactions or specific trade in the restricted accounts. We will make sure that humanitarian transactions are really going for those purposes," Mnuchin said.
And with $1.5 billion a month accumulating in restricted accounts, some $15 billion of the $38 billion surplus may be out of reach.
Usually the malicious code is run remotely and is used to elevate the privilege of restricted accounts on the computer, allowing hackers to gain access to a computer and read sensitive information from the computer's hard disk drive or to install malware, such as a worm or a key logging program.
Restricted accounts, which should have been the mainstay of Islamic banks, are reserved only for the more sophisticated investment accountholders.
In two more of at least four similar cases, former Ernst & Young consulting partners were denied refunds of tax they paid on stock received from a merger with Cap Gemini that lost most of its value while in restricted accounts.
CGR director Juan Gutierrez explained the president did not supply the required data in a special audit to "verify the movements of income from restricted accounts and [to determine] electoral crimes."
This means that depositors who have been waiting since April 2016 when CBK put Chase Bank under receivership due to what the regulator termed as unsafe financial conditions will access a total of Sh57 billion of the Sh76 billion held in restricted accounts

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