full disclosure

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Full disclosure

Describes exchange and government regulations providing for the release and free exchange of all information pertinent to a given security.
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Full Disclosure

The act of revealing all relevant information to the public, especially to avoid the appearance of bias or fraud. The SEC requires publicly-traded companies to render full disclosure of their financial state as much as possible. See also: Transparency.
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full disclosure

The disclosure of all relevant financial and operating information. For example, the SEC requires public corporations to make full disclosure when they issue securities.
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full disclosure

A requirement to reveal all information relevant to a transaction. Some states have full disclosure laws requiring transmittal of property condition information to buyers.

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Responsible disclosure schemes that reward white hats help reduce the time that vulnerabilities are left in the open."
Jiang did not provide full technical details of the flaw, citing responsible disclosure issues, although he did describe the vulnerability as difficult to detect but easy to exploit, once found.
Microsoft is attempting to reshape responsible disclosure by security researchers, announcing a new model that it says could provide a more coordinated response to zero-day vulnerabilities.
Since 1993, federal agencies had been encouraged to review FOIA requests with a "presumption" that the information should be released under a policy of "maximum responsible disclosure."
In the Clinton years, agencies had been directed to err on the side of "maximum responsible disclosure"; Ashcroft's memo informed agencies that the Justice Department would back a policy of withholding information when any legal basis can be found for doing so.
The sections entitled "Deposit Accounts" have also been revised to discuss this interagency guidance, which was issued to assist banks in the responsible disclosure and administration of their overdraft-protection programs.
Lastly, the interpretive statements for the third plank recommend that when errors do occur, nurses follow institutional guidelines for reporting errors to the appropriate supervisory personnel and for assuring responsible disclosure to patients.
ISS has a responsible disclosure policy of not publicizing vulnerabilities until the affected vendor issues a fix or 30 days elapse without response.
First, under the Ashcroft memorandum, agencies making decisions on discretionary disclosure are directed to carefully consider such fundamental values as national security, effective law enforcement, and personal privacy; the Reno memorandum had established an overall "presumption of disclosure" and promoted discretionary disclosures to achieve "maximum responsible disclosure." Second, according to the Ashcroft memorandum, Justice will defend an agency's withholding information if the agency has a "sound legal basis" for such withholding under FOIA; under the Reno policy, Justice would defend an agency's withholding information only when the agency reasonably foresaw that disclosure would harm an interest protected by an exemption.
It focused on "responsible disclosure," where an exploit would be announced to a group of experts who could evaluate its ramifications before its release.
McAfee submitted the vulnerability to Microsoft in April as part of McAfee's responsible disclosure policy.

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