residential property

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Residential property

Property that consists of homes, apartments, townhouses, and condominiums.

Residential Property

Any property that a municipality has designated for single family homes, apartments, co-operatives, townhouses, and any other place where people live. Mortgages on and income from residential property are often (though not always) entitled to preferential tax treatment.

residential property

(1) In real estate brokerage, commonly used to signify an owner-occupied residence, even though a rental house is technically a residential property. (2) For tax purposes,any rental property in which at least 80 percent of the income is from dwelling units. Residential property enjoys a 27.5-year depreciation period, while normal commercial property must be depreciated over 39 years.

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28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- American Residential Properties, Inc.
Members represent over $24 billion worth of residential properties nationwide.
The combined value of residential properties per pupil was six times higher than the figure for districts with the highest tax rates.
In the last three years, most major insurers have also moved quickly to protect themselves from liability resulting from mold damage to commercial and residential properties, where it is very common.
In August, they released a report showing many commercial and industrial class businesses in the North were paying substantially higher taxes than residential properties.
It is true that the relative property tax burden has shifted from commercial to residential property, since residential properties sell more often.
Mr Whitehouse, who specialises in residential property service charge auditing, is a member of the Institute of Residential Property Management, which was launched in January to raise the profile of the individuals working in the management of residential properties, especially leasehold block accommodation.
Group 1 consists of 832 conventional, hybrid adjustable-rate mortgage loans secured by first liens on one to four family residential properties, all of which have original terms to maturity of approximately 30 years.
SJP Properties announced the formation of SJP Residential Properties, led by industry veteran Allen E Goldman as president.
Former school board member Roberta Weintraub, who served from 1979 to 1993, recalled that after the early 1980s, the board decided to stop seizing residential properties.
DCR) has reaffirmed its debt and preferred stock ratings for Equity Residential Properties Trust (EQR) and its subsidiaries.
1, 2006, secured by first liens on one- to four-family residential properties.

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