resident agent

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Resident Agent

A person who is licensed to sell insurance in the state in which he/she lives. Because most insurance is regulated at the state level, state agents are registered on a state-by-state basis.

resident agent

A name given in some states to the person authorized by law to accept service of process (lawsuits,for example) for a corporation or other artificial person.There are many commercial services that will provide this service for companies.Also called “registered agent for service.”
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NCH has remained an active member of the Nevada Registered Agent Association, providing a voice for all resident agents in Nevada and actively pursuing initiatives to keep business costs down for new and existing companies in Nevada.
In addition, the government agents carry out spatial allocation constraints on land-use change in the bottom-up process when the government department agents and resident agents make attempts to select land units.
In 2004, there were 65 new surplus lines agents, 57 of them resident agents and eight non-resident agents.
The appendices make up the remaining two-thirds and contain selected Nevada statutes and fee schedules, state addresses, a list of Nevada resident agents, and blank forms needed for incorporation.
He said of the state police and the local FBI, "We've always had a good relationship" with Agent Grady, continuing the tradition of previous FBI senior resident agents Thomas G.
Licensing laws for resident agents vary from state to state.
While the total number of surplus lines agents licensed in 2008 saw a minimal increase when compared to 2007, the gap of licensed resident agents to non-resident agents continues to grow In both 2007 and 2008, the number of newly licensed non-resident agents exceeded the number of newly licensed resident agents, and statistics from the first and second quarters of 2009 indicate that this trend will continue.
A federal judge has struck down Florida's countersignature and surplus lines coverage statutes as unconstitutional "to the extent they deny to Florida-licensed nonresident insurance agents the same rights and privileges that they afford to Florida-licensed resident agents.
States have a variety of license laws for resident agents and require nonresidents to obtain several licenses.
IIS also associates with licensed resident agents in those states where insurance transactions must be conducted with or through resident agents.
New user-enabled load balancing options include: Adaptive, Active Connection, and Response Time Modes and an optional Server-Agent mode which queries server resident agents.
Command MQ Version 2 maintains its ability to support the broadest range of platforms and, therefore, the range of IS architectures on which middleware is deployed with the addition of resident agents supporting AS/400 and OS/2.

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