Federal Reserve District

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Federal Reserve District (Reserve district or district)

One of the twelve geographic regions served by a Federal Reserve Bank.
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Federal Reserve District

The region over which a Federal Reserve Bank has jurisdiction. Each Federal Reserve Bank has the authority to regulate member banks in its district, as well as to help regulate the money supply. Every member bank is required to buy stock in its district's Federal Reserve Bank in order to support its efforts. Each district consists of multiple states and parts of states. For example, the Kansas City Federal Reserve District includes Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and parts of Missouri and New Mexico.
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Unique to this Reserve District is the Chicago Fed National Activity Index, (CFNAI; chicagofed.org/research/data/cfnai/current-data), a monthly index designed to gauge overall economic activity and related inflationary pressure.
For the case of employment in the Fifth Federal Reserve District, we show that changes in this extensive margin, measured by a synthetic diffusion index constructed from observed data, accounts for the bulk of changes in aggregate employment growth.
Meade and Sheets (2005b) identified pronounced significant regional effects on FOMC voting behavior using the difference between the Federal Reserve district and the national unemployment rates as an explanatory variable in voting equations.
The Saadiyat Island course -- the first to be undertaken by the American master course architect in Abu Dhabi -- will be in the destination's Saadiyat Reserve District -- one of seven distinct districts.
Louis serves the Eighth Federal Reserve District, which includes western Tennessee, all of Arkansas, eastern Missouri, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, western Kentucky, and northern Mississippi.
FDIC-insured commercial banks headquartered in the Fourth Federal Reserve District posted net income of $5.6 billion for the first two quarters of 2006, or $11.21 billion on an annual basis.
The Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District (the Beige Book) summarizes these data by district and sector eight times a year.
INTERNET banks in the 10th Federal Reserve district seem to have profitability experiences similar to those of nonInternet banks, reports a Fed economist, even though their expenses are significantly higher.
Louis Federal Reserve district. Wicker concludes that the panic of 1930 was a regional event, and thus casts doubt on the hypothesis that this crisis was the cause of the depression.
Turner, president, CEO, and a director of WSFS Financial Corporation and WSFS Bank in Wilmington, DE, to represent the Third Federal Reserve District on the Federal Advisory Council for 2016.

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