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science park


business park

a cluster of firms, mainly high-technology businesses, which are located together on a purpose-built site adjacent to a university, polytechnic or some other centre of research, which facilitates the transfer of basic technology and know-how from research laboratories to commercial applications. The term is also applied more generally to embrace technology parks or technopoles (commonly found in Continental Europe), where emphasis is on attracting established research-based companies and innovation centres which cater for smaller high-technology companies.

In most countries a large proportion of the investment in science-park infrastructure and buildings is provided by the public sector as part of a wider programme to stimulate regional enterprise and promote technological advance. See RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, REGIONAL POLICY, INDUSTRIAL POLICY.

science park

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The University of Oregon made a good case for siting a new building for the Oregon Research Institute on the northwest corner of the Riverfront Research Park.
Gold award for Website (graphics): "Purdue Research Foundation, Purdue Research Park and Purdue Office of Technology Commercialization.
The project has been controversial from the start, in large part because it would be the first building in the strip of land between the river and the railroad tracks that bisect the research park.
Located on 50 acres at the former Johnson & Johnson site on Route 1 in North Brunswick, the Technology Centre is a state-of-the-art research park designed to meet the needs of emerging research and development companies in the biosciences, micro electronics, advanced materials and communications industries.
When the research park was created in 1986, the UO, the city and the state Board of Higher Education entered into an intergovernmental agreement spelling out processes for its development.
As part of the 50th anniversary, Purdue Research Park had an independent study compiled by Thomas P.
But the UO chose the developer without consulting the city, and moved ahead with development without involving the now-defunct research park commission.
Diane Wiley, the research park director, said she was pleased by the group's decision and is confident that the new building will meet land use and master plan requirements.
The $10 million facility will be built on a 5-acre site in the Purdue Research Park, north of Kalberer Road.
2010): Oregon Research Institute has not obtained federal stimulus funding to pay for construction of its proposed headquarters in the University of Oregon's Riverfront Research Park.
The Italy-based company, a provider of products for the military, emergency and medical industries, will invest $2 million to lease and equip office and laboratory facilities at the Purdue Research Park of West Lafayette.
Department of Commerces Economic Development Administration (EDA) today announced it will award a $755,000 grant to USD Research Park, Inc.

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