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science park


business park

a cluster of firms, mainly high-technology businesses, which are located together on a purpose-built site adjacent to a university, polytechnic or some other centre of research, which facilitates the transfer of basic technology and know-how from research laboratories to commercial applications. The term is also applied more generally to embrace technology parks or technopoles (commonly found in Continental Europe), where emphasis is on attracting established research-based companies and innovation centres which cater for smaller high-technology companies.

In most countries a large proportion of the investment in science-park infrastructure and buildings is provided by the public sector as part of a wider programme to stimulate regional enterprise and promote technological advance. See RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, REGIONAL POLICY, INDUSTRIAL POLICY.

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science park

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Hancock said the best thing would be for the university to back away from the project and rewrite its master plan for the research park before allowing any construction along the river.
When the research park was created in 1986, the UO, the city and the state Board of Higher Education entered into an intergovernmental agreement spelling out processes for its development.
Located on 50 acres at the former Johnson & Johnson site on Route 1 in North Brunswick, the Technology Centre is a state-of-the-art research park designed to meet the needs of emerging research and development companies in the biosciences, micro electronics, advanced materials and communications industries.
But the UO chose the developer without consulting the city, and moved ahead with development without involving the now-defunct research park commission.
"The design, location, and rich amenities of NOVEL Research Park have proven to be well-received by members of the community who live and work in the area already, and who appreciate a relaxed lifestyle and sense of community just minutes from employment centers and lifestyle retail options."
Darmody plans to expand outreach to state governments, research universities, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, community colleges, federal labs, corporations and communities to expand interest and to build research parks and innovation districts.
IIT Madras is home to India's first university-driven Research Park, modelled along the lines of successful Research Parks of Stanford, MIT and Harvard University.
The University of Illinois and AGCO announces the opening of the AGCO Acceleration Center at the U of I Research Park. The Acceleration Center will advance technology innovation for AGCO's grain, seed processing, swine, and poultry production equipment brands including GSI, Cumbria, AP and Cumberland.
The University of New Hampshire is pursuing construction of a research park on the West Edge lot of its Durham campus to enable closer university-industry partnerships and provide an incubator for startups.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-May 3, 2017-Graybar, University of Illinois open Innovation Lab at Research Park
CBRE Group's Westchester/Fairfield County office announced that it has represented the seller of Stamford, CT's Research Park portfolio, a group of six leased industrial buildings along Viaduct Road totaling 142,597 square feet of space.
Vermeer Corporation announced the groundbreaking on the Vermeer Applied Technology Hub--a state-of-the-art facility that will house offices, meeting spaces and a high bay space--to be located at The Iowa State University Research Park in Ames, IA.

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