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science park


business park

a cluster of firms, mainly high-technology businesses, which are located together on a purpose-built site adjacent to a university, polytechnic or some other centre of research, which facilitates the transfer of basic technology and know-how from research laboratories to commercial applications. The term is also applied more generally to embrace technology parks or technopoles (commonly found in Continental Europe), where emphasis is on attracting established research-based companies and innovation centres which cater for smaller high-technology companies.

In most countries a large proportion of the investment in science-park infrastructure and buildings is provided by the public sector as part of a wider programme to stimulate regional enterprise and promote technological advance. See RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, REGIONAL POLICY, INDUSTRIAL POLICY.

science park

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IIT Madras is home to India's first university-driven Research Park, modelled along the lines of successful Research Parks of Stanford, MIT and Harvard University.
The Graybar Innovation Lab at Research Park also provides a unique opportunity for students to become familiar with Graybar and the wholesale distribution industry, as the innovation lab will provide full- and part-time positions for undergraduate and graduate students.
The Ameren Innovation Center will collaborate with university students and faculty and other companies across multiple industries at the Research Park.
The new site is south of the railroad tracks that cut through the research park, leaving the riverfront area north of the tracks undeveloped except for a UO soccer and activity field.
Building on the success of the Purdue Research Park, the Purdue Research Foundation established the Purdue Technology Center in Merrillville.
Streeter said the initiative to create a tech research park and incubator "will serve as the backbone of that strategic plan.
The Research Park has served very well in connecting these industries and entrepreneurs with the vast pool of research knowledge and skill that exists across Western.
Hammond says the proposed Science Enterprise Algoma research park promoting scientific exchange is being championed by NRCan, and is one reason DFO wanted to re-locate on the site.
This mix of university research and business entrepreneurship has been a hallmark of Research Park since its creation in 1970, with dozens of university professors creating and launching innovative technologies from its grounds.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-30 June 2004-NCC builds SEK122m IT research park in Denmark(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The technology cluster or research park has recently become a well-established aspect of urban development, particularly in connection with world-stage universities in London, Oxbridge, Edinburgh and in the US.
A university-related research park is a cluster of technology-based organizations (consisting primarily of private-sector research companies but also of selected federal and state research agencies and not-for-profit research foundations) that locate on or near a university campus in order to benefit from its knowledge base and research activities.

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