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5 billion worth of rescheduling of debts implies that the short-run problem has been resolved.
Rescheduling of debt has been the subject of substantial academic research.
After rescheduling of debt in 1999-2000 it increases again to 6 percent.
From this we may conclude that the rescheduling of debt payments may be the possible resort.
A number of studies acknowledge the importance of political factors in accumulation as well as for rescheduling of debt.
INT/EDT is a measure of liquid assets and is hypothesised to be negatively associated with the probability of default and negatively correlated with rescheduling of debt as well.
In an attempt to avoid complications that might arise from these situations, the government announced that its annual swapping and rescheduling of debts would take place at the end of November, earlier this year than usual.
A'ayan has almost finished the rescheduling of debts which would enable it
During the talks, Koizumi is expected to express his support for Jakarta's economic and social reforms via official development assistance, rescheduling of debts Indonesia owes Japan and personnel exchanges, a Japanese official said.
The Cuban government told the delegation that it has already agreed on terms for rescheduling of debts maturing in less than one year with Britain and Italy.
Saleh on details of the agreement with IFAD to increase projects' finance in the country and to carry out rescheduling of debts.
A real estate expert expected the real estate market of the residential sector to prosper in 2010 due to the political stability and the rescheduling of debts for some companies.