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You can't find a middle ground with people who are so far to the extreme right that finding common ground means being a conservative Republican,'' Nunez said.
In the Mountain West, Republican candidates had their margins slashed dramatically.
One fiction of a splintered party might even lead to the creation of a third party: One can imagine McCain, if rejected by social conservatives for the Republican presidential nomination, allying with Lieberman on an independent candidacy.
Missouri, where rightwing Republican Jim Talent is having trouble holding on against Democratic State Auditor Claire McCaskill.
Log Cabin used to be much too apologetic for bad Republican behavior," says Chuck Colbert, a freelance journalist and activist who Jives in Cambridge, Mass.
Republican staffers say Mehlman's work reflects a growing diversity in the party's rank and file, which was evident in the 2004 presidential election when Bush's share of the black vote rose to 11% from 9% in 2000.
The National Republicans continued the Federalists' push for a strong government and industry.
In a few months, I've gone from shy, conservative, unwilling-to-admit-it Republican, to becoming the founder and chairman of a lively Teenage Republicans club at school, as well as the state committeewoman for the local Young Republicans club.
Hagel not only won but won big, receiving a majority of the vote from every major demographic group in the state--including core Democrats such as Nebraska's black population, which had never voted Republican in modern times.
And they never believed it because they think of DuPage as being just 100 percent Republican.
This year, the President and Republican congressional candidates have revived the idea, proposing a voucher demonstration program and tuition tax credit.

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