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Hamza listened to the views of representatives of higher educational institutions and their remarks regarding the academic accreditation scheme in order to be considered by the General Secretariat in the Council of Higher Education.
Mohga Ghaleb Abdel Rahman, representative for Al-Azhar
State Representative Jonathan Stickland (R-Bedford)
The House of Representatives has a total of 435 members.
Outside Japan, Bank operates three representative offices in Singapore, Seoul, and Jakarta.
technical representatives of firms having special relations with the United States Armed Forces, when such persons come to Italy for other than temporary visits.
Alan Gott is Levin's leasing representative for Aviation Plaza, which is located on U.
Although the new process seems to require more communication between the examination team and a taxpayer/ representative, the rigidity of the time frames and the lack of flexibility actually will, in many cases, work against achieving the stated goal of decreasing cycle time.
On June 2, the House of Representatives defeated, by a vote of 63-353, a proposed constitutional amendment (House Joint Resolution 83) that would provide for the appointment of congressmen to fill vacant seats in the event of a national emergency.
Representative Tom Davis of Virginia, former chairman of the National Republican Campaign Committee, says recruiting this year had "been sparse on both sides.
In brief, representative democracy is based on the twin principles of equality of rights and inequality of political capacity and acumen.
Every caring patient and health professional must now devote their energies to ensuring that every United States Representative and Senator is made aware that the wishes, and health, of their constituent voters is to support this bill.

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