Replacement value

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Replacement value

Current cost of replacing the firm's assets.

Replacement Value

The cost of replacing an asset in the case that it is damaged or destroyed. That is, the replacement value changes according to the market value of the asset. An individual or company may buy a replacement cost insurance policy to cover the replacement value. It is also called the replacement cost.
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Before the insurer incorporated this technology, Kemper was employing a paper cost estimator to arrive at replacement costs. "The biggest benefit right now is that the agents can create the record that has the replacement cost value and the agent and the underwriter see the same thing," Madigan said.
Two primary concerns have dominated the debate over whether to include contractor's overhead and profit as part of replacement costs for purposes of calculating actual cash value.
Switching to a new refractory helped Watry Industries, a permanent mold aluminum foundry in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, reduce maintenance costs and refractory replacement costs.
The evaluation should be comprehensive enough to give you a "snapshot" of the conditions of your buildings, site and systems components; it will address the useful life of components, the safety and regulatory issues, projected maintenance and replacement costs and associated funding requirements of each.
Abolition of tax advantages coupled with oversupply caused values to plummet in 1986, and the sales indicate average external obsolescence of 49.6% and $21.14 per square foot; in other words, values were at half of replacement costs. Declining cash flows in turn stimulated mortgage defaults, and in 1986 there were 84 TABULAR DATA OMITTED apartment foreclosures compared with 66 the previous year and two in 1984.
He added: "The replacement costs will be in excess of PS20,000 so l would suggest this has been carried out by someone with a degree of boat knowledge and its market."
Replacement Costs. CBO projects that replacing the aircraft in the current fleet (essentially one-for-one) would cost an average of $15 billion a year in the 2020s.
AB 1772 extends the amount of time a home or business owner has to rebuild an insured property from two to three years after a declared wildfire emergency and receive the full replacement costs to which they are entitled.
In calculating appropriate restitution to be paid by a video-game thief, the district court erred in accepting the victim's unsubstantiated estimate of replacement costs, rather than requiring evidence on fair market value.<br />Background<br />Appellant Dominic Steele was convicted of postal theft.
Yet, if measurement served to update the asset's value at current replacement costs in an inflationary environment, how could we think of loss?
Under prior law, if the replacement costs were required to be capitalized, these demolition costs also were capitalized.
Upon completion of repairs, in October 2010, Executive Plaza demanded payment of the unpaid portion of the policy limits to cover the promised replacement costs. This suit too was dismissed in the U.S.

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