Replacement value

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Replacement value

Current cost of replacing the firm's assets.

Replacement Value

The cost of replacing an asset in the case that it is damaged or destroyed. That is, the replacement value changes according to the market value of the asset. An individual or company may buy a replacement cost insurance policy to cover the replacement value. It is also called the replacement cost.
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Contrary to home prices, replacement costs for homes have not stopped climbing.
The objective of the LIFO accounting method is to permit taxpayers to properly match their current sales revenues with the current replacement costs and thereby compute--and pay taxes on--a meaningful gross profit amount.
A BREAKTHROUGH in forecasting vehicle running costs has come with the launch of CAP Monitor SMR - enabling users to predict not only depreciation but service, maintenance and parts replacement costs.
This program will develop and implement new and emerging inspection and maintenance technologies which can reliably and cost effectively extend the service life of aging F100 and F110 turbine engine disk and rotor components, thus reducing the high component replacement costs to maintain F100 and F110 fleets over the next decade.
Disputes can develop over the square foot replacement costs when valuation models don't neatly fit the unique structures at camps.
At this point in the appraisal process, the replacement costs new fully account for the first two elements of the comparison property namely the most cost-effective, and the equivalent utility of the subject property.
For example, if your organization was established in 1960, review all your accumulated physical assets since then and ask, what would their replacement costs be for 1998?
With its long-term emphasis on replacement costs, Shoreview considers needed improvements well before they become necessary and requires that every rate-setting process consider replacement costs.
ISO PushPin's property-specific information is used to estimate replacement costs for individual properties within a portfolio.
Paying replacement costs as expenses are incurred keeps the recovery in motion.
Carriers are streamlining how they underwrite homeowners insurance with new technologies that enhance a range of capabilities from calculating residential replacement costs to estimating portfolio risk.
The company will work with customers to determine accurate replacement costs by gathering information about the unique characteristics of the customer's home, resulting in more accurate, more competitive rates, according to Greg Trapp, Michigan General Manager, Progressive.

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