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Reorg (or Corporate Action or Reorganization)

Any transaction involving the issuance of stock or cash, or the cancellation of stock tendered by a shareholder, such as in the case of a merger, acquisition or tender offer.
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The act or process of changing the terms on the assets and/or liabilities of a company. That is, a company may consolidate its debts, significantly change the size and scope of its operations, and take other measures to reduce the strain of continuing operations. Most companies reorganize either as part of a bankruptcy or as an effort to avoid it. If the company is reorganizing as part of a corporate bankruptcy, it is said to be in receivership.
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Gowling WLG acted as legal counsel to Reorg. Fusion Corporate Partners acted as financial advisor and Bracher Rawlins acted as legal counsel to Debt Explained.
The second pair of hypotheses (H2A and H2B), examining the odds of survival (REORG), was tested using logistical regression (Aldrich and Nelson, 1984).
Look at just about every Chapter 11 reorg plan that's come out in the past couple of years.
ALLTEL's reorg helps it think more like its customers in the development and delivery of new systems and product lines.
Reorganization -0.02 0.10 -0.08 Labor Cost/ Employees 0.05 -0.17 [**] -0.13 [**] Large Firm 0.04 -0.08 -0.04 Labor Personnel Corporate Corporate Cost/ Policies Innovation Reorg. Employees Productivity Change Training Days/ Employees General Training Days Specific Training Days Investment Chg.
Recovering after a REORG, LOAD, or mass DELETE may require the use of image copies or the table space may need to be undamaged.
When editorials and issues provided more subtle interpretations beyond pro-con/ favor-against responses, the reports divided issues into categories, totaling the number of editorials that took a respective position (HCHA, "President Reorg.-Roos.," Presidential Papers-Press Relations, January 12, 1933, Box 1176).
As part of the reorg, the company is changing its name to VA Linux Systems Inc.
Following a reorg anisation, he was appointed unit general manager for local hospitals, a post he held until ten years ago when he retired from full-time work on health grounds following a heart attack.
These operations include Hycor and microwave components (see "Lockheed Martin Reorg Yields New Company," JED, March 1997, p.
Shares of Aetna (AET) and CVS (CVS) advanced 2% and 1%, respectively, after Bloomberg reported that Reorg Research said the U.S.
As part of the reorg, we are flattening the management structure to improve communication, combining functions where sensible and trimming activities that are not vital to the success of our mission.'