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3 Under the 20/50 set-aside, at least 20 percent of the units in the project must be designated for households with a maximum income and rent restriction at 50 percent of AMGI.
After the assessment was upheld for both years, the Owner filed suit claiming that the assessments violated state law by failing to consider the low-income rent restrictions on the complex.
This appraisal did not take into account the federal rent restrictions on the property.
The BTA adopted the values initially determined by the assessor, reasoning that, because the projects entered into the rent restrictions voluntarily, the assessor was not required to use restricted rents to determine income under the income capitalization method.
Both the tax credits and the rent restrictions survive a sale when the conditions of sale are at market.
This provides an excellent opportunity for continued operation as an apartment building without rent restrictions, or alternately, conversion to a cooperative, a condominium or embassy housing.
The trial court required the board to consider the economic obsolescence created by rent restrictions imposed on the project under the FHTCs.
For others it is only a dim memory of their childhood of a city without rent restrictions. And for a select aged few, they may even remember owning residential property before the "Rent Control Wars" began.
"They looked at the rent regulations as limiting the rental stream and as long as you have the rent restrictions, the price one can get from disposing that property is reduced."