Renewable term

Renewable Term Life Insurance

A life insurance policy that provides coverage only for a certain period of time, but which may be renewed at the end of that period. A term life insurance policy provides a benefit upon the death of the policyholder, but ceases to provide this benefit if he/she is still alive when the policy expires. Upon expiration, the policyholder may decide to renew the policy or let it lapse. If the policy lapses, the policyholder is not reimbursed for the premiums paid over the life of the policy. Like other term life policies, renewable term life insurance does not include some of the other benefits of a whole life policy, such as a savings component.
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Renewable term.

A renewable term life insurance policy allows you to extend your coverage for an additional period without having to requalify for coverage, provided that you have paid your premiums in full and on time.

Being able to renew your policy can be an important advantage if your health has declined since your original purchase. That's because another insurer might refuse to sell you a policy or might charge more for comparable coverage.

Renewable term policies do not guarantee the same rate for the new coverage period. In fact, at each renewal, the cost is likely to increase to reflect the fact that you're older and therefore pose a greater risk to the insurer.

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The membership will be of a renewable term of one year.
The board will serve for a renewable term of three years.
The new proposals will allow members to sit on the board for one renewable term.
The fellowship, which will be filled by one person for a one-year renewable term, will begin in early fall.
A Board of Directors, encompassing the Governor of CBK and the Deputy Governor, manage the Central Bank of Kuwait and they are appointed by a decree for a five-year renewable term. The Board of Directors comprises of a representative of the Ministry of Finance, a representative of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and four other members with proven experience in the economic, financial and banking affairs, appointed by a decree for a three-year renewable term.
According to the law, an Egyptian mayor serves for a 5-year renewable term. A mayor's duties include supervising security in the village, and resolving disputes between families and individuals.
The new Board serves for a renewable term of three years, it added.
He will hold the position for a five-year renewable term.
The permit is valid for a renewable term of one year.
The board of directors will remain in place for a renewable term of three years, according to the report.
Aimee dela Cruz, assistant vice president for pricing and product development, said, 'PRUmax invest is a 15-year renewable term plan which provides comprehensive protection coverage through the base traditional plan while also allowing the opportunity for wealth accumulation by investing in various funds through the Variable Life Rider.'
The Bank said Mr Woods will remain as the PRA's executive director of insurance until he takes up the role on July 1 on a renewable term of five years.