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To change a convertible security into the underlying security. For example, if one converts a convertible bond for Johnson & Johnson, one exchanges the bond for the agreed-upon number of common shares in Johnson & Johnson. See also: Conversion option, Conversion price.


To exchange one security for a different security. For example, the owner of a convertible bond can choose to submit the bond to the issuer for conversion into a specified number of shares of stock.
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Programs that have religious conversion as their key component cannot be promoted by the government or funded with public dollars, AU asserts; they should be funded with voluntary contributions.
Entre sus publicaciones sobre el tema destaca Understanding Religious Conversion (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1993), donde analiza la dinamica de la conversion religiosa y sus implicaciones personales, culturales, sociales y religiosas.
The mother, Indira Gandhi, was all smiles after winning the four-year-long case where she had filed against the religious conversion of her three children to Islam by husband Mohd Riduan Abdullah in 2009.
This volume presents a definitive study of concepts, theories, and interpretations of religious conversion and identity.
FINDING GOD: A TREASURY OF CONVERSION STORIES offers writings from Martin Luther, John Calvin, Oral Roberts, Leo Tolstoy, Thomas Merton and other major thinkers and writers and packs in some sixty inspirational stories of life-changing events that involved religious conversion.
Furthermore, by utilizing contemporary African and African diaspora religions and applying methods that are traditionally employed in contemporary studies of conversion in Africa and the African Diaspora the book highlights the themes of cultural complexity and multiple religious identities in late antique Nubia and note that like other forms of African Christianity that have been shaped by African traditional religions and culture, Nubian Christianity was fundamentally African, and that conventional views about religious conversion that privilege Pagan-vs-Christian dichotomous discourses are incorrect and fundamentally seek to limit indigenous perspectives that upset Christian triumphalism.
A literature review on the conversion studies reveals that most models of religious conversion postulate Christian-centric and western-centric perspectives.
First, religious conversion is considered from only one perspective, that of the mediator of conversion, not that of the converted person.
In the face of multiple active biases and needed conversions stands a general notion of religious conversion that Pope Paul VI firmly recommended in his 1965 Ecclesiarn suarn.
Sophie's religious conversion embarrasses Sally as the teenager confesses past crimes, Peter and Michelle's date goes badly.
Let's face it, the mere invocation of God or the use of a Christian-based name isn't going to brainwash listeners into religious conversion.
Yet Deitrich cannot prevent tragedy for their little band of intergalactic castaways any more than he can for the village which houses them, or the bodies and souls of those aliens who choose religious conversion.

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