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To change a convertible security into the underlying security. For example, if one converts a convertible bond for Johnson & Johnson, one exchanges the bond for the agreed-upon number of common shares in Johnson & Johnson. See also: Conversion option, Conversion price.
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To exchange one security for a different security. For example, the owner of a convertible bond can choose to submit the bond to the issuer for conversion into a specified number of shares of stock.
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Algunos estudios sobresalen por su tematica o enfoque, por ejemplo: el capitulo 9, <<Psychology of Religious Conversion and Spiritual Transformation>> (Raymond F.
Citing scholars such as Kierkegaard (cited in Bretall, 1946) and Becker (1973), Temple argues that religious conversion is linked to self-consciousness, which is both a blessing and a curse.
Contemporary readers who dismiss the religiosity of this text follow the argumentative course and aesthetic sensibilities established by earlier respected readers, such as Mary Wollstonecraft, who, in a 1789 review, admired many of the qualities of Equiano's text, most particularly his gripping account of his enslavement and his journey toward freedom, but ultimately judg ed the text inferior, primarily because of the author's piety and his "tiresome" account of his religious conversion? [3] Sidestepping the religious meaning and purpose--central for the autobiographer himself, a source of discomfort for some critics--causes one to overlook some of the most intriguing conflicts in the text, however.
A production crew had been flown in to film the singer in Jerusalem talking about his religious conversion. Other locations must now be found.
In Louisiana, the French settlers imported slaves chiefly from West Africa, and being far less concerned with religious conversion than settlers in the Protestant zones, they were more or less tolerant of certain religious cults--hence the vaudun, or voodoo, of Louisiana and Haiti, a strange mix of cultures, religions and ritual observances.
He himself admits that measuring "depth" is not possible, but he contends that simply reducing religious conversion to social, economic, or political necessity (with or without compulsion) does not fully address the reality of Christianity on the reservation.
As he writes, "the edge of Islamic history exists wherever people make the decision to cross a social boundary and join the Muslim community, either through religious conversion, or under modern conditions through nominal Muslims rededicating themselves to Islam as the touchstone of their social identity, or recasting their Muslim identities in a modern urban context" (p.
He afterward began to write about his personal response to his religious conversion. In 1968 he married a Westmorland art teacher who inspired his later work, in which a theme of regeneration in apparently dead nature is strikingly apparent.
Like many of my fifteen fellow volunteers from the University of Wisconsin, I was wary of any attempts at religious conversion, but the ASP staff taught without preaching: no prayers at meals, no church on Sunday.
Soul on Fire (1978) relates his religious conversion. His other books include Eldridge Cleaver: Post-Prison Writings and Speeches (1969) and Eldridge Cleaver's Black Papers (1969).
The task was accomplished by Horace Waller, whose careful and pointed editing produced a document fully intended to further the cause of the anti-slavery effort, while justifying and encouraging British economic expansion, religious conversion, and political stewardship.
Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Aug 30 (ANI): Sikh Women here on Friday led a protest against "forceful religious conversion" of a girl from their community in Pakistan.

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