release clause

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Release clause

A mortgage provision that releases a pledged asset after a certain portion of the total payments has been made.

Release Clause

In some mortgages, a clause allowing part of the property that has been pledged to have its lien removed once the borrower has made a defined number of payments on the mortgage.

release clause

A mortgage clause that allows a partial release of some of the collateral when the borrower pays off a portion of the loan. Typically found in subdivision development mortgages, because the development lender must release its lien in order for the purchaser-homeowner to secure his or her own first mortgage financing.

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Premier League side wants Filipe Luis, Diego Godin and Diego Costa, and will meet the respective release clauses of the trio to get them, AS reported.
His exit will spark off big changes at Loftus Road should QPR go down - with a string of other signings getting ready to activate their release clauses.
With QPR looking a good bet for relegation, Remy is likely to activate the relegation release clause inserted in his deal when he became the London club's record signing in January.
MORE and more players are insisting upon release clauses in their contracts - Demba Ba's was for PS7.
We really want him to stay but this is football and there are such things as release clauses.
5mn release clause in his contract, following interest from the Premier League.
But Porto has the highest release clauses in the market so it is not easy for these talents to leave us.
The Rams revealed his season-long loan deal from Spanish side Real Valladolid does not have any release clauses in it.
The club would not like either Forlan or Aguero to leave, even if someone pays their release clauses," he said.
The five-year non-recourse loan featured both fixed-rate and floating rate components, and provided for favorable release clauses and flexible amortization geared to the future sale of individual units.