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The largest contributor to relative returns was stock selection in industrials; in particular, our overweight to the aerospace & defence industry contributed positively.
This strategy has resulted in both strong absolute and relative returns from our first fund.
Fully and partially coupled farm programs influence planting decisions both by increasing the overall profitability of farming (as low-price signals are muted), and by changing the relative returns to planting alternative crops," CRS says.
Mutual funds invest in markets, which are volatile, and, therefore, relative returns should be the real mirror of performance," says Nimesh Shah, MD, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund.
This, along with an alarming consensus of talking heads predicting a setback in markets, but also another year of attractive relative returns next year, may indeed limit the scale of a market set back when and if it does materialise.
Graded Gold, the fund's relative returns have been consistently strong, outperforming the benchmark in each calendar since its inception in August 2007.
Fund managers expressed that contracts for the fresh funds seek relative returns, aiming to outperform the Taiex index, rather than absolute returns.
The two companies produce quarterly rankings of the best 100 markets to invest in rental proper ties based on expected future relative returns on single family homes.
The cuts may not be enough to persuade banks to resume lending or to dissuade investors from turning to the ruble for higher relative returns.
Apart from it being sensible to keep track of where your hardearned money is being invested, along with the relative returns it is making, it pays to do some research in advance and to make sure that the financial advice and/or management you ask for is the advice you really need.
dollar and the relative returns to other global real estate markets make U.