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Refusal by a bank to grant credit, usually because of the applicants financial history, or refusal to accept a security presented to complete a trade, usually because of a lack of proper endorsements or violation of rules of a firm.


1. A bank's refusal to grant a line of credit. This often applies to the refusal to grant a mortgage loan to an uncreditworthy person or a business loan to someone without a proper business plan.

2. An investor's refusal to accept a security presented to him/her/it. Reasons for this include suspicion of fraud or improperly filled-out forms.

3. Refusal to provide insurance coverage because the insurance company believes that the claim describes a service or situation that the policy does not cover.


The refusal to accept a security that has been delivered by a customer or broker. A questionable certificate or an improper endorsement are reasons for rejection.
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I know that rejections are an inevitable part of life, which is why I'd like to be better at dealing with them.
Hypothesis 3: Highly rejection-sensitive individuals will display different attentional characteristics toward threat cues in explicit rejection situations from the characteristics they display toward threat cues in ambiguous rejection situations.
Zarate lamented that those who do not agree with Taguiwalo's no-nonsense policy against the pork barrel system in the DSWD must be pleased with Taguiwalo's rejection.
To reduce the chance of rejection in these patients at high immunological risk, in 2009 Piti-Salptrire Hospital began a desensitisation programme.
They also believe that this test could detect heart and kidney transplant rejection, and are conducting additional studies to confirm this.
Obese boys scored high on obesity and self-worth as compared to obese girls, whereas, obese girls scored high on feelings of rejection sensitivity and shyness than obese boys.
Rejection sensitivity (RS) is usually described asa cognitive emotional actioninclined to oversensitively anticipate, readily perceive and intense reaction towards supposed rejection by other people (Downey and Feldman, 1996).
Since this is not a specific marker, as creatinine can increase blood for numerous reasons other than the rejection, a kidney biopsy must be performed to confirm that rejection is indeed occurring.
Rejection of care is not based on what the facility staff have established as their own goals for the resident; rather, they should seek to ascertain what the resident's goals are for his or her own well-being, health, functional status and life satisfaction.
Parental acceptance and rejection is conceptualized as a "continuum on which all humans can be placed because everyone has experienced in childhood more or less love at the hands of major caregivers" (Rohner et al.
Targeted rejection is central to some of life's most distressing experiences - things like getting broken up with, getting fired, and being excluded from your peer group at school.