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(11.) Patiris PJ, Oceguera LF III, Peck GW, Chiles RE, Reisen WK, Hanson CV.
Abu Dhabi's inclusion on the Phoenix Reisen itineraries requires the destination to play to its cultural strengths for shore excursion options, which are increasing in demand, according to Agata Eibel, cruise manager for Artania's shore-based tour operator Rida International Tours.
"I'm really surprised and gratified by the response to it," said Reisen, of Arlington, who has had a lifelong fascination with Alcott and her books.
Edelweiss Air is to be acquired by Deutsche Lufthansa AG's Swiss International Air Lines Ltd division from Swiss travel company Kuoni Reisen Holding AG.
Recently dimethyl-/ethylnitronaphthalenes, formed from atmospheric reactions of the ethyl- and dimethylnaphthalenes present in vehicle exhaust, including diesel exhaust, have been identified in southern California's atmosphere (Reisen et al.
Buyers already lined up to attend the showcase include Golf International from the United States, German tour operator Wolters Reisen and Japan's Global Youth Bureau.
The bus was registered in Germany and belonged to the Tiger Reisen company.
The bus, registered in Germany, belonged to the Tiger Reisen company.
The story about miners in a colliery brass band opens on May 29 and will feature live music from three of the best known brass bands from the Midlands - Stockport-on-Severn Brass Band, the City of Birmingham Brass Band and Jackfield Elcock Reisen Brass Band.
These findings are consistent with research by Tinto (1993) and other researchers (Zea, Reisen, Beil, & Caplan, 1997) who have demonstrated the impact of social integration on retention for college students.