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Abu Dhabi's inclusion on the Phoenix Reisen itineraries requires the destination to play to its cultural strengths for shore excursion options, which are increasing in demand, according to Agata Eibel, cruise manager for Artania's shore-based tour operator Rida International Tours.
blue jays and American crows) carcasses only, as a consequence of their high WNV mortality and proximity to humans (Nielsen and Reisen 2007).
Spatere Reisen fuhrten ihn zwischen 1949 und 1974 wiederum mehrfach nach Afghanistan, Indien und dann auch Iran.
But, just as her subject was known to do, Reisen persisted against all odds, and, working with Emmy-award winning filmmaker Nancy Porter, she also has turned the book into a documentary that will air as part of the PBS "American Masters" series Monday night.
Zunachst wird im ersten Teil des Werkes ein regelrechtes Itinerarium der italienischen Reisen der Mozarts angefertigt.
Birds that had used parasite-free sites in past seasons were unlikely to have been exposed to BCRV in a previous summer and therefore not likely to show latent, chronic infections (as seen for some arboviruses; Reisen et al.
Design & Molding Services, Builders First Source, Leggett & Platt, Chevron, Reisen Lumber, Flexi-Van, Perth Amboy Tire and Ackros Chemical.
Ein anderer Text der DDR-Nachwendeliteratur, in dem Wechsel ins Russische eine wichtige Rolle spielen, ist der Bericht uber zwei Reisen in den Osten in Gunter Gorlichs 1999 erschienenen Autobiographie Keine Anzeige in der Zeitung.
The travel poems are more narrative than the rest, perhaps because there is so much "raw material," and the author quashes any romantic yearning by a sense of irony: "dies / ist eine gedenkminute / an unsere auf reisen / verlorenen sachen.
Wenn der Frosch auf Reisen Geht, 6 Klavierstucke for Junge Spieler, Ohne Opus (1947/71/77) DOB
The double-decker coach, which belonged to travel company Tiger Reisen, had left Wunsdorf, near Hanover, on Friday.