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Meanwhile, "substandard and untested food items and other regulated commodities, toxic chemicals and dangerous drugs apprehended by the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service could have entered the underground market," it said.
(13) Until the 1980s, derivative contracts could only be traded in the regulated commodities markets.
Hence, argued the plaintiffs, despite the fact that their subject matter was the highly regulated commodities markets, the government had no proper regulatory interest in their work.
government's most regulated commodities. Whatever the reason, Alexander says he was grilled a hundred different ways.
The Motor Carrier Act of 1980 significantly deregulated the trucking industry, reducing the cost of obtaining operating authority (the right to transport regulated commodities) to a relatively low level.
Shipments of regulated commodities amounted to 11% of CN's total freight units in 1992
The transport of chemicals by rail has always been strictly regulated, first under the "Red Book" issued by the Canadian Transport Commission, then under the federal regulated commodities rules of 1985 that included other modes of transport as well.
Regulated commodities rules cover not only the movement of loaded cars, but also unloaded ones containing residues.
Among the special measures required by regulations to ensure the safe transport of regulated commodities by rail are:
Documentation: Detailed documentation on regulated commodities is carried aboard each train transporting them, and in addition to this regulatory requirement duplicate backup information is available from the railway's central computer system to ensure incidents involving these shipments can be dealt with safely.
Inspections: Trained CN employees inspect cars carrying regulated commodities at designated locations.
The actual contents of the shipment turned out to be onions, among the highly regulated commodities in the country.
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