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Douglas says that no one can be considered as possessing a regular income. One of the richest land-owners might possibly accumulate, in a long industrious life, as much as 1000 pounds sterling; but should this happen, it would all be stowed away in some secret corner, for it is the custom of almost every family to have a jar or treasure-chest buried in the ground.
Although they are generous, none of them could hope to make a gift of $11,000 or several hundred thousand dollars from their regular incomes. However, when they consider their "net worth," including home equity, pension plans, and life insurance policies, their abilities to make a very substantial gift increase dramatically.
If charitable organizations and individuals might establish regular incomes for some of the destitute elderly, many of them still remained destitute, resented or ignored by their adult children, who were waiting for - or had already taken over - their inheritances.