ordinary income

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Ordinary income

The income derived from the regular operating activities of a firm or individual.

Ordinary Income

In taxation, income from wages or salaries, interest, or commissions. Ordinary income is received in the short-term; for example, one usually receives a paycheck every two weeks or interest on a bond a few times per year. Ordinary income differs from capital gain, which is income from investment and is usually realized over a longer period of time. Most ordinary income is taxed at a higher rate than capital gain, so as to encourage long-term investment. In the United States, dividends were taxed as ordinary income, but this changed in 2003. One may think of ordinary income as income from one's job and/or standard business transactions.

ordinary income

Income that does not qualify for special tax treatment. Wages, dividends, and interest are ordinary income.

ordinary income

Income subject to full or ordinary taxation rates. Contrast with capital gains.
References in classic literature ?
Douglas says that no one can be considered as possessing a regular income.
The careless security of his life in the Custom-House, on a regular income, and with but slight and infrequent apprehensions of removal, had no doubt contributed to make time pass lightly over him.
Dubai: UAE consumers are more optimistic about employment and regular income in 2014 compared with the previous year, according to MasterCard's Consumer Confidence Index released on Monday.
Consumers are most optimistic about Regular Income (86.
The policyholder with this plan will get guaranteed regular income payouts with a choice to choose the frequency of the payout (Quarterly, Semi Annual or Annual), as well as a guaranteed lump sum amount at maturity.
The Congo Coffee Revival Project has assisted in making coffee a viable crop for farmers, providing a regular income to families and young people.
Results of the latest MasterCard Index of Consumer Confidence, compared to the previous one (released 6 months ago), show consumers more optimistic about regular income (99.
Consumers also remain very optimistic about regular income (84.
This investment comes in line with the bank's strategy in providing opportunities producing regular income and continuous cash returns," he added.
The increased profitability is mostly a result of the increase in the net interest rate income and its increased share of the total regular income and the total assets of banks, the National Bank said.
Dubbed "e-pportunists", 33% of these internet entrepreneurs are earning more than pounds 10,000 a year, with many supplementing their regular income as real wages fall and the jobs market remains stagnant.
Opportunity to acquire a Property Management business, that provides a solid regular income for the owners.