regression coefficient

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Regression coefficient

Term yielded by regression analysis that indicates the sensitivity of the dependent variable to a particular independent variable. See: Parameter.

Regression Coefficient

A mathematical measure of the effect that an independent variable has on a dependent variable. It may be used on any number of financial measures. For example, one may calculate the effect that earnings have on the share price.

regression coefficient

A mathematical measure of the relationship between a dependent variable and an independent variable. For example, a financial theorist might attempt to determine the effect of increased dividends on a stock's price by calculating the regression coefficient between the price of the stock and its dividends per share. In this instance, the stock price is the dependent variable and the dividend payment is the independent variable.
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Estimates of variances (diagonal) and (co)variances (below diagonal) between the random regression coefficients (1) with standard deviations in parentheses and eigenvalues ([lambda]) of (co)variances matrix of the additive genetic effects and permanent environmental effects with percentage of variance explained in brackets in Leg3,5 model (2) Coefficients of additive genetic effect [[alpha].
Deaton suggests that models with "structural" goals should be unweighted, whereas those that estimate regression coefficients for the population should be weighted.
The remaining regression coefficients for the generalized equipment maps are shown in Table 2 and Table 3.
regression coefficient, 95% CI when using PI and outcomes height and weight, respectively: -4.
The level of contraceptive discontinuation relevant to unmet need in Sub-Saharan Africa was significantly higher than in other regions, as indicated by the regression coefficient of 6.
The estimates of the regression coefficient suggest that increasing ProperFree from 66.
Table 6 shows the regression coefficients for the difference specification of Okun's law for the labor force aged 20 years and older.
If 'c' which is the regression coefficient of t2, is statistically significant with positive, then there will be an acceleration (an increase) in the rate of growth of area/ production / yield of agricultural crops during the period 1970-71 to 2009-10.
He slams the experimental design (or lack thereof), he criticizes how the analysis was done, he gripes about the lack of skewness and kurtosis measures, and he condemns the improper testing, the lack of statistical power, the improper use of significance measures, and the conclusions based on small regression coefficients.
Using a version of the regression that incorporates these gaps allows for changes in trend output and the trend unemployment rate, which may stabilize the regression coefficients, This line of reasoning implicitly argues that a robust relationship between output and unemployment exists--not between observed output growth and unemployment changes but between the gaps in both.
This second edition contains new chapters on moderation and mediation, new material on missing data and missing values, comparison of standardized regression coefficients across groups, and new examples using bar graphs with error bars.
The population partial regression coefficients are indicated with the Greek letter [beta].