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The same risks associated with allowing a client to use the CPA firm's address to receive correspondence also apply to CPAs serving as a client's registered agent. If asked to serve in this capacity, suggest the client engage a third-party registered agent service, many of which have locations throughout the country.
There are several issues that a principal may want to consider when dealing with a prospective registered agent.
The company will provide free registered agent and incorporation services for members of the Bar who are forming their own law firms as P.A., P.L., or L.L.P.
This is a big new adventure with a great company that is the third largest provider of registered agent and related services to the Fortune 1000.
Greenblatt as secretary and registered agent at 300 S.
You need a Delaware registered agent, someone to represent you.
A GROUP of estate agents in Cardiff and the Vale have teamed together to spearhead an advertising campaign to encourage tenants and landlords to use an accredited Association of Residential Lettings Agents registered agent.
A[cedilla] A registered agent - The registered agent will have to be one that is approved by the authority under which the offshore company is set up and the agent will have to be located either in the free zone itself or in the UAE.
Under the new system, the employer can choose any registered agent to participate in the WPS.
5 Always use an Association of Residential Letting Agents registered agent. They have strict codes of conduct and a useful tenant advice service.
Items that may be involved include registered agent service; corporate or LLC kit and seal; tax ID number obtainment; S corporation election filing with the IRS; important post-formation forms on CD; instructional compliance DVD; and certified copy of formation document.

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