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Resident Agent

A person who is licensed to sell insurance in the state in which he/she lives. Because most insurance is regulated at the state level, state agents are registered on a state-by-state basis.

resident agent

A name given in some states to the person authorized by law to accept service of process (lawsuits,for example) for a corporation or other artificial person.There are many commercial services that will provide this service for companies.Also called “registered agent for service.”
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Clients must instruct a registered agent (lawyers and accountants are usually approved registered agents) to receive and deal with any communications from the relevant authority.
We are proud to be the first public registered agent to formally offer an entity structure that meets the demand of our customers while simultaneously advancing social good," said Eric Lo, vice president of product management and marketing for the enterprise segment of CT Corporation.
Capquest Systems International Administration Centre provides full service corporate transfer and registered agent services.
The corporation should properly register to do business in the state in which the property is located and arrange to have a registered agent located in that state, if required by local law.
NRAI Provides Leading Compliance and Governance Solutions Integrated with Registered Agent Services and the Critical Delivery of Service of Process
The indictment says that a company for which Rickenbach was registered agent invested $25,000 in Solaroli's CET Racing in February 2007.
In 1999, the GOSL enacted a comprehensive inventory of offshore legislation, consisting of the International Business Companies (IBC) Act, the Registered Agent and Trustee Licensing Act, the International Trusts Act, the International Insurance Act, the Mutual Funds Act and the International Banks Act.
Always choose an ARLA registered agent to let and'or manage your residential property, "because they are governed by strict codes of practice," added Mr Hards.
At NRAI, we continually drive innovation around the registered agent relationship with our customers, delivering increased value and client-focused solutions," said Dennis Howarth, CEO and President, National Registered Agents, Inc.
25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- For the second consecutive year, Vcorp Services, LLC ("Vcorp"), a leading Corporate Filing and Registered Agent provider, has been named by Inc.
Matthew Hudson is the registered agent for Real Forms, and David Edward Hudson also is listed as an officer.
Statement that applicant is not a registered agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

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