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Resident Agent

A person who is licensed to sell insurance in the state in which he/she lives. Because most insurance is regulated at the state level, state agents are registered on a state-by-state basis.

resident agent

A name given in some states to the person authorized by law to accept service of process (lawsuits,for example) for a corporation or other artificial person.There are many commercial services that will provide this service for companies.Also called “registered agent for service.”
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This placed a registered agent in a very strong position to claim that they were the appointed agent for any product bearing such a brand name.
Clients must instruct a registered agent (lawyers and accountants are usually approved registered agents) to receive and deal with any communications from the relevant authority.
CorpAmerica provides services associated with incorporation and foreign qualification, document retrievel and public record searches, as well as registered agent services in all 50 states.
She became Scot-land's seventh registered agent last week after lodging a pounds 100,000 bond with FIFA.
Parker, a black conservative who was a registered agent for South Africa in the 1980s, Thomas claimed that even though he was a good pal of Parker and sat on the advisory board of a journal Parker edited, the Lincoln Review, he did not realize Parker was serving Pretoria until he read recent news accounts.
These business interests will include Banking, Loan and Accounting Resolutions, Director and Officer Resolutions, Resolutions affecting Shares and Shareholders, Registered Agent Resolutions and General Business Resolutions.
The registered office space of the JAFZ offshore company is that of its registered agent.
The lawsuit filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court claims that Earl Smith, 91, did business with James Barry Watts in 1995 when Watts was a registered agent in a Bryant office of Edward D.
Wolters Kluwer Corporate Legal Services (CLS), a provider of legal compliance services, today announced it has completed the acquisition of the stock of National Registered Agents Inc (NRAI), a provider of registered agent services to businesses.
com)-- This network of corporate transfer and registered agent providers can now access local legal, auditing and corporate secretary resources in any major business jurisdiction quickly and easily.
Verde NY Property l's registered agent is CT Corporation System, but a spokeswoman for CT Corporation said it merely provides legal and administrative services to Verde and didn't have additional information.

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