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Registered security

Used in the context of general equities. Securities whose owner's name is recorded on the books of the issuer or the issuer's agent, called a registrar.
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Registered Security

A security with the owner's name printed on the certificate or, in the case of an electronic registration, where the owner's name is listed in a database. Registered securities contrast with bearer forms, which the person physically holding them is presumed to hold. Virtually all securities currently traded are registered securities; this has become truer as registration has become computerized.
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registered security

A security, the certificate of which has the owner's name imprinted on its face. A record of current owners is kept by the issuer for purposes of transmitting checks, proxies, reports, and so forth. Nearly all securities are registered. Also called registered bond. Compare bearer form.
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As a consequence, the registered shares increased in value by more than 40%.
EFG repurchased a total of 6,000,000 registered shares, equivalent to 2.07% of the share capital as of July 2018, on the Six Swiss Exchange for an amount of CHF40,572,422 through its wholly owned subsidiary EFG Bank AG.
Dimitry Scherbakov now owns 714,085 ordinary registered shares of the bank increasing his holdings to 9.1295%.
These shares have been resulted from the decrease of the ordinary share capital of the Bank with concurrent (i) increase of the nominal value, currently at EU0.30, of each of the 14,707,876,542 ordinary registered shares of the Bank through a reverse split resulting to 147,078,765 ordinary registered shares at a new nominal value of EU30.0000000856684, i.e.
The State Property Ministry has set the auction date for sale of 510 ordinary registered shares of the Kyrgyz Mobile Company JSC constituting 51% of charter capital.
Summary: Shareholders will be offered 20 new registered shares for every 93 registered shares.
The total number of registered shares in the company is 308,920,308, of which 9,063,125 are Class A shares and 299,857,183 are Class B shares.
Insider Registered Shares: 1,000,000 Registered Shares Available: 1,000,000 Public Float: 1,000,000 Company become publicly held through rule 504.
Givaudan's board of directors plans to start a new share buy-back program of up to 800,000 registered shares, or 10% of the share capital.
EMS said it would also be introducing a unified share structure, with stock being split 50 for one for bearer shares and ten for one for registered shares. Some traders welcomed the limited share float, but said that with Blocher still holding the majority of shares not much was likely to change.

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