Registered secondary offering

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Registered secondary offering

A reoffering of a large block of securities, previously publicly issued, by the holder of a large portion of some corporation through an investment firm.

Registered Secondary Offering

An offering of a large block of previously issued stock that is not usually traded after registering the offering with the SEC. For example, a mutual fund that owns a large portion of an issue of stock may decide to sell it. Most of the time, the seller of a registered secondary offering is an institutional investor who acquired the stock through private placement. It is also called a registered secondary distribution. See also: Overnight deal.
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87% abnormal price response for registered secondary offerings documented by Mikkelson and Partch |5~.
8 Mikkelson and Partch |5~ document that 37% of the 146 registered secondary offerings which they analyze were offered by directors and officers of the corporation who are arguably better informed than an outside corporation, while 63% of the registered secondary offerings were made by individuals, corporations, financial service companies, or trusts.
Mikkelson and Partch |5~ document the median underwriting costs of a registered secondary offering as 4.

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