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Delfin and his deceased wife, Cora were the registered owners of a parcel of land.
A crumbling wall within Dunblane Conservation Area is currently the subject of a wrangle between Stirling Council and one of the wall's registered owners.
On 12 November 2018, the company had sent an irrevocable notice of early redemption to all directly registered owners and registered authorised nominees (Sw.forvaltare) in the debt register kept by Euroclear Sweden as of 9 November 2018.
In the said case, a married couple were registered owners of a condominium unit, which was assessed by a local government unit for nonpayment of real property taxes thereon after their designated employee-representative failed to remit the entrusted tax payments to the city and appeared to have absconded with the money instead.
According to the Ministry of Lands, Afrison Export Import Ltd and Huelands Ltd are the registered owners, having acquired it on December 30, 1981, from Joreth Ltd.
The demands are sent to the owners of the property and since we were never the registered owners and no longer the contractual owners we could not possibly have made the payment ourselves.
Registered owners now have the choice of three candidates - John Coleman, Michael Kelly and Jack Levers - in a vote to elect a successor to Paul Ephremsen who stood down earlier this year.
Cards ranging from a blue-coloured commercial card and red-coloured hobbyist card, recognisable to police and other authorities, will be issued to registered owners, he said.
Registered owners: David Mostyn Bevan and Bevan Holdings Ltd, of Cardiff.
MORE than 45,000 registered owners must fill out the Annual Sheep and Goat Census 2015.

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