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Summary: The UAE's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has revealed that the number of registered names in the national domain (.
This is not possible; voting is only accepted after identity verification and matching with registered names database," ambassador Tamer Mansoor told Khaleej Times on Monday.
Al-Buainain stressed the importance for voters to ensure their registered names on electoral lists- a guarantor for them to exercise their constitutional right and cast ballots in the forthcoming by-elections.
The campaign hopes that officials will not use the low number of registered names as an excuse not to apply the law," the release said, adding the campaign expected the number to increase as the elections' date approaches.
Each of the registered names is always accessible from anywhere.
There are some folks who devise registered names that lend themselves to clever call names--a dog named "Presidential Dreams" was called "Monica.
It is illegal to sell any goods bearing registered names under the Trademarks Act anywhere in the UK.
The agreement does not cover rights related to trade marks, registered names, business names, corporate symbols, nor other immaterial commodities or copyrights, the company added.
The list of registered names show parents are shunning tradition.
In the first period of the launch (Sunrise 1) public bodies and holders of registered names and trademarks will be assigned their domains, Zen said.
For authentication, users choose, in quick succession, registered names that they remember.
Under EU legislation on PDOs, EU member states are required to protect registered names against any misuse, imitation, or evocation, even if the product's true origin is indicated or the name is translated.

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