registered exchange

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Registered Exchange

A securities exchange with sufficient trading volume and other activity to require registration with the SEC. Most exchanges about which one hears in the news are registered exchanges. A prominent example is the New York Stock Exchange.

registered exchange

A securities exchange that has filed, and has had accepted, a registration statement with the SEC. All the larger securities exchanges in the United States are registered with the SEC, as required by the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Compare unregistered exchange.
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Companies that list their stocks on these registered exchanges must meet minimum listing standards, like minimum amounts of net assets and minimum numbers of shareholders.
life insurers, among other "financial end-users," are now required to not only trade and clear their interest rate swaps on registered exchanges or clearing houses, but to post larger sums of higher quality collateral, said the report, written by Laura Bazer, Moody's senior credit officer.
It is believed that the move is to adhere to Dodd-Frank rules that would require a large part of the swaps market to be traded over registered exchanges or alternative electronic platforms.
5%; introducing real-time disclosure of executions by all venues; and bringing reporting in line with registered exchanges.
From the time EDGA Exchange and EDGX Exchange began operating as registered exchanges in 2010 until late 2014 (when they finally updated their rules and obtained Commission approval for the changes), the two exchanges were supposed to be processing orders using a single "displayed price sliding process" according to their rules.
25% of a stock's average daily volume from 5%; and mandate real-time disclosure of the identity of dark pools after they execute a trade, bringing reporting in line with registered exchanges.
SFTI Internet VPN includes access to all NYSE Euronext markets, other registered exchanges, alternative trading systems, and a number of non-displayed markets across the industry.

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