Regional bank

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Regional bank

A bank operating in a specific region of the country, taking deposits and offering loans.

Regional Bank

A bank that only operates in one state or province, or in only a few neighboring states or provinces. A regional bank differs from a money center bank, which has a national and/or global presence. Regional banks usually specialize in retail banking, making loans and taking deposits. See also: Thrift, Regional exchange.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-December 1, 2016-Texas Regional Bank to Acquire Blanco National Bank
Regional Bank Coalition said it has launched an organization with a business model that assures bank safety and soundness by supporting regulation based on financial risk.
In 1994, the combined assets of all regional bank holding companies accounted for roughly 25 percent of the banking market, while large banks (those with consolidated assets greater than 50 billion at the holding company level) accounted for 50.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-July 17, 2014-Handelsbanken establishes new regional bank in UK
When it comes to economic development in the North East some things are blindingly obvious and one of those is establishing a regional bank.
French banking group Credit du Nord said on Wednesday it had concluded the takeover of local regional bank Societe Marseillaise de Credit from BPCE group for EUR872m (USD1.
The Cardiff branch of the bank is to come under the control of a separate UK bank for the south; with a new regional bank to cover the north of the country.
Magnus Uggla, head of the regional bank in London, said: "We have stepped up the pace of opening new branches.
Our expansion strategy will lead Banco Agricola into operating, in a near future, as a regional bank," adds Orellana.
19 February 2010 - Swedish lender Svenska Handelsbanken (STO:SHB A) said on Thursday it would roll out a third regional bank and a separate headquarters in the UK within its rapid expansion in Great Britain.
18 February 2010 - Swedish bank Svenska Handelsbanken (STO: SHB A), or SHB, said today it will open a third regional bank in the UK and will set up a separate head office for this market.

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