Regional bank

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Regional bank

A bank operating in a specific region of the country, taking deposits and offering loans.

Regional Bank

A bank that only operates in one state or province, or in only a few neighboring states or provinces. A regional bank differs from a money center bank, which has a national and/or global presence. Regional banks usually specialize in retail banking, making loans and taking deposits. See also: Thrift, Regional exchange.
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WASHINGTON, March 23, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A group of regional banks today launched the Regional Bank Coalition (www.
But in between lies the important class of regional banks, a class with unique characteristics that are only recently being studied and understood.
I'm a big fan of the idea and was interested to attend last week's conference on The Future for Regional Banks, held at the Baltic in Gateshead.
Japan's 109 regional banks incurred unconsolidated net losses of 413.
Sadaaki Hirasawa, chairman of the Regional Banks Association of Japan, said Wednesday he sees no need for public fund injections for regional banks at the moment.
These banks, particularly regional banks, made a concerted effort last year to reduce their exposure to heavily indebted developing countries.
Byfocusing on the role of the regional banks in the debt crisis, Gwynne helps cast the debate over how to get out of the crisis in a new light.
Although large regional banks are not immune to these issues, they are potentially better positioned than larger global trading banks or smaller regional and community banks.
Global Average Return on Equity stood at X percent for Regional Banks and X percent for Commercial Banks in comparison to X percent and X percent in the Middle East and Africa respectively.
Moody's Investors Service said Monday the outlook of Japanese regional banks is ''moderately positive,'' citing improvement in their business environment.
AmSouth is a leader among regional banks in the Southeast in several key business segments, including consumer and commercial banking, small business banking, mortgage lending, equipment leasing, annuity and mutual fund sales, and trust and investment management services.
The 129 banks comprise seven city banks, or banks with nationwide branches, 64 regional banks, 48 second-tier regional banks and eight trust banks, in addition to Shinsei Bank and Aozora Bank.

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