Regional bank

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Regional bank

A bank operating in a specific region of the country, taking deposits and offering loans.
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Regional Bank

A bank that only operates in one state or province, or in only a few neighboring states or provinces. A regional bank differs from a money center bank, which has a national and/or global presence. Regional banks usually specialize in retail banking, making loans and taking deposits. See also: Thrift, Regional exchange.
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More than 15 regional banks are expected to contribute 10 billion yen or so in capital to an investment consortium which will acquire currently nationalized Ashikaga Bank, sources familiar with the matter said Wednesday.
Ed Miliband, the leader of the opposition Labour Party in the UK, plans to make an announcement regarding the setting up of regional banks if his party wins the next election.
plans to invite regional banks to invest in Ashikaga Bank, which the group is set to purchase, consortium officials said Friday.
Notwithstanding the recovery in the housing market, because of sales prices of existing homes going up by 13 percent in September and an increase in housing loan permits, regional banks posted a fall in earnings, which was attributed to the pressures from narrow interest rate margins.
unit, and nine other entities are considering joining the alliance of eight regional banks intent on bidding for the nationalized Ashikaga Bank, informed sources said Tuesday.
Mizuho Trust & Banking Company, a unit of Japan's Mizuho Financial Group Inc (NYSE: MFG) (TYO: 8411) (8411.BE), has developed a lending framework to help regional banks shore up their capital positions, according to the Nikkei.
As Japan's economy picks up after a decade of stagnation, financial institutions in Kyushu, Japan's southern main island, are moving ahead of regional banks elsewhere in an effort to carry out business integration, mergers, and tie-ups to cope with aggressive moves of megabanks and the privatization of the postal savings system in autumn next year.
Regional banks in Denmark have been selling assets and cutting lending in order to raise money to comply with international regulations.
The combined profits rose 68.0 percent to 415.7 billion for seven trust banks, 22.5 percent to 841.4 billion yen for regional banks and 62.8 percent for 144.6 billion yen for second-tier regional banks.
Switzerland-based Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS) has said that it is cautious on regional banks.
Moody's Investors Service said Monday the outlook of Japanese regional banks is ''moderately positive,'' citing improvement in their business environment.
Global Banking News-10 July 2008-Analyst says US regional banks may need more capital(C)2008 ENPublishing -

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