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Return on Investment

The money that a person or company earns as a percentage of the total value of his/her/its assets that are invested. It is calculated thusly:

Return on investment = (Income - Cost) / Cost

Because it is easy to calculate the return on investment, it is a relatively popular measure of the profitability on an investment and can help in making investment decisions.
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return on investment (ROI)

A generic term to define a number of analytical tools for measuring the financial benefits of an investment, including cash-on-cash, internal rate of return, equity dividend,and financial management rate of return.

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However, this suffers from lack of coverage of given region of interest.
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After we have computed the 24 features in each region of interest, we have a feature vector with different ranges of values in each cell.
High spatial resolution remote sensing images contain abundant texture information which is useful in region of interest detection, because the ROIs usually have different texture characteristics from the background region.
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It also provides statistical information on frequency of faults detected, categorized by type and location by region of interest.
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With this study, the researchers have both narrowed a region of interest for future autism studies and shown that OSA is an effective means for mapping disease-susceptibility genes.
This meant the usual practice of drawing a fixed box around the region of interest -- say, a turbine blade -- and computing the value of quantities such as pressure for points within the box wouldn't work.
The key elements of the interface for CLEM include a transferable specimen holder that enables smooth specimen transfer between the light and electron microscopes (shuttle) and a software module that controls all the functions of light and electron microscopes needed to identify and recall the defined region of interest (find).

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