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Return on Investment

The money that a person or company earns as a percentage of the total value of his/her/its assets that are invested. It is calculated thusly:

Return on investment = (Income - Cost) / Cost

Because it is easy to calculate the return on investment, it is a relatively popular measure of the profitability on an investment and can help in making investment decisions.


return on investment (ROI)

A generic term to define a number of analytical tools for measuring the financial benefits of an investment, including cash-on-cash, internal rate of return, equity dividend,and financial management rate of return.

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Three Region of Interest compression algorithms of medical images have been presented.
A key region of interest in this study is Voice Network Infrastructure technologies, and dominating the discussions is the increasingly ubiquitous Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
This feature allows users to optirnize vision application performance by defining a region of interest anywhere within the possible field of view.
This mission planning system addresses functions such as flying a particular azimuth, planning the most economical mission for a given region of interest, 3D mission planning, and more.
By helping radiologists see the region of interest better in patients with dense breasts, the AIE software has the potential to be beneficial in the early and accurate detection of breast cancer.
The Video and Image Processing Blockset 2 expands an extensive library of video and image processing blocks by adding new blocks and enhancing existing blocks for target tracking, region of interest (ROI) processing, blob analysis, optical flow, projective transformations, pyramiding, color conversion, and color processing.

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