Regulation CC

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Regulation CC (“Reg Double C”)

A federal banking regulation regarding the availability of funds and collection of checks,Reg CC sets limits for the length of time a financial institution may place a hold on the use of funds after a check has been deposited to an account. People commonly think funds must be available immediately if checks are drawn on local financial institutions, but that is not true.Large checks, such as are often received for real estate transactions, may have a hold time as long as 7 days for local checks, except that the first $5,000 must be made available on the first business day.

Other than the deposits described in the following list,checks drawn on local institutions must be credited on the second business day after deposit, and checks drawn on nonlocal institutions must be credited on the fifth day after deposit.A local institution is one in the same check processing region. The financial institution may increase the hold times for large deposits or for any number of factors causing it reasonable concern.The deposits described in the following list must be made available for withdrawal on the first business day after deposit except that items 3 through 7 can be made available on the second day after being deposited if the deposit is to one of the financial institution's own ATM machines, or on the fifth day after deposit if made to any other ATM machine:

1. Electronic payments
2. U.S. Treasury Department checks
3. Cash
4. U.S. Postal Service money orders
5. Federal Reserve and Federal Home Loan Bank checks
6. State or local government checks
7. Cashier's, teller's, or certified checks
8. Checks drawn on an account at the same financial institution

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