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He was moved onto his back as other casualties were carried, then put back into the recovery position by police constable Brian Walton.
She said: "My daughter put her step-dad in the recovery position and stayed calm when normally she panics.
Havlin recalled: "We were in the saddling box and I didn't want to let the filly go in case she stood on Chris, who was on the floor, so I held her with one hand and got him into the recovery position and started shouting for help.
ukThe Recovery position Surveyors showed that almost 90% of members in the north of England believe that charges imposed on premises such as shops and offices are significantly undermining the region's economic recovery.
Each hour-long session will teach people the recovery position, basic resuscitation and how to deal with severe bleeding.
The fantastic recovery position can save someone's life.
This could probably have been prevented if he had been placed in the recovery position, lying on a floor.
Becky Willis, eight, put her mother's boyfriend Jonathan Noble in the recovery position during a diabetic fit so he avoided choking on his tongue.
Owner Brenda Owen placed her in the recovery position and dialled 999.
The 39-year-old, who was flying home from a friend's birthday celebrations in Chicago, put the elderly woman in the recovery position and monitored her pulse.
Members of the ambulance service against which she was giving evidence placed her in the recovery position as officials called 999.
Jenkins was asked by Mr Pratt why he had lied in a second 999 call, saying he had put Billie-Jo in the recovery position.