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More than 1,000 recordings were obtained by Belgian broadcaster VRT NWS, which noted in a story that some contained sensitive personal conversations -- as well as information that identified the person speaking.
The recording has become a subject of dissection and discussion in both social and mainstream media, and has raised questions on how such recordings are made so stealthily and shared so widely.
Moreover, Seakgosing said the recording would not only be about recognition, but to also preach the word of God through music.
In the majority of jurisdictions, recordings are legal if consented to by one of the parties.
Although it is a serious felony to violate wiretapping laws, in fact every jurisdiction permits the taping or recording of doctor-patient conversations where there is all-party consent.
Video recordings provide an objective review of residents' medical errors and provide clinical supervisors the opportunity to accurately review resident performance because recorded events are neither embellished or diminished (Leone et al., 2006).
Suk is an avid collector of vintage sound recordings. With his own phonograph and gramophone, he can demonstrate how early recordings were made.
What exactly are the laws governing patient recordings? In an article recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, investigators on The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice's Open Recordings Project explain the often-confusing laws around recordings clinical visits.
All PureCloud Engage recordings are encrypted using industry-standard methods.
Critique: An original, detailed, and impressively informative study, "The Great British Recording Studios" is exceptionally well written, organized and presented.
The Doors' debut album; the magical essence of New Orleans jazz; one of the most-played songs on the airways during the 20th century; the "Lovin' Feelin' " of The Righteous Brothers; and the sounds of a pioneering children's program are among the recordings recently selected for induction into the Library of Congress National Recording Registry.
The investigation will focus on ascertaining whether the recordings are authentic and whether they were obtained through legal means, according to news reports.