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Account Reconciliation

The process of ensuring that one's personal records of transactions on a bank account matches the bank statement one receives each month or quarter. That is, each time one writes a check, uses a debit card, or otherwise makes a withdrawal from or deposit into a bank account, one keeps a record of the transaction. Account reconciliation involves making sure that these records match the bank's of the same transactions. Account reconciliation helps avoid, or at least remedy, such problems as identity theft and bank errors.


In appraisal, the process of considering values calculated from the various appraisal methods and weighting the strength to be given to each approach in order to arrive at a final value for the property.

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Rjoub called for both an immediate reconcilation between Fatah and Hamas to unite the efforts to restore national unity, and to forge ahead with efforts to alleviate Palestinian suffering.
Hughes - who represents boxers and footballers through his promotions firm-revealed a heart-to-heart on a family holiday paved the way for the reconcilation.
As Rex recovers from his heart attack he attempts a desperate reconcilation with Bree.
It is believed Sinn Fein and Ian Paisley's Ulster Democratic Party have accepted invitations from the Warrington Ireland Reconcilation Enterprise, which was formed after the bombing which claimed the lives of Tim Parry, 12, and Johnathan Ball, three.
But there appears to be no chance of a reconcilation between the couple and friends of Tom have turned on 47-year-old Emily.
This reconcilation takes place in that sweet and expectant moment before Magdalena first makes love to Manuelito, thus before the violation of their union by Robinson through the whipping of his daughter for what he judges as her sluttish behavior.
Theme Virtue Sacrament Phase 1: 1994-1996 Penance & reconcilation Phase 2: 1997 Christ the Faith.
For Liang, there was little or nothing in Western pragmatism that was not already contained in ancient Chinese thinking, which, he said, aimed at balance and the reconcilation of ideal and actual, other-worldly and worldly.
2 billion increase due to the Omnibus Budget Reconcilation Act of 1987, and a $0.
Our reconcilation showed that there was a significant change in the earnings distribution in all three occupational earnings groups--top, middle, and bottom--between 1973 and 1982.
The suggestion came from Egypt during reconcilation talks between Hamas and Fatah months ago that led to the formation of a unity government.