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The recommended practice concludes by recognizing that the value of any performance measurement program lies in positive behavioral change.
In light of this goal, the committee has an aggressive list of recommended practices to review and/or update before the annual conference in June.
The Subcommittee on Recommended Practices began drafting a Recommended Practice on Record Retention for Arbitrage Rebate Compliance and plans to present the practice to the full committee for consideration in June after meeting with IRS officials.
CORBA voted to adopt a new recommended practice on Alternative Investments Policy for Public Employee Retirement Systems (PERS), and a policy statement on proposed Social Security reforms.
Discussions also were conducted on the recommended practices of the National Advisory Council on State and Local Budgeting and on an update on the GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards program.
Governments that are examining the feasibility of selling taxable pension obligation bonds to reduce their unfunded actuarial pension liability will want to review this recommended practice, which urges extreme caution if this option is under consideration.
The symposium and task force members found that too little information on effective budgeting practices exists and that an effort to identify and share recommended practices in budgeting was needed, leading GFOA and other associations to create the Council.
To embark on this new direction, the board asked the standing committees and the staff to carefully review current GFOA recommended practices and to identify areas for which recommended practices should be developed.
Eight performance measurement criteria are identified in the Recommended Practice.
Some pipeline companies and trade associations had either gently or strongly opposed including API Recommended Practice (RP) 1162 in federal statute out of fears that the flexibility inherent in the API voluntary guidance would be lost once it became a federal mandate.
This could be challenged under the 1986 Local Government Act and the Code of Recommended Practice on Publicity.

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