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DNV GL has created a series of internationally recognised standards and recommended practices together with the pipeline industry.
This Recommended Practice would provide excellent guidance for anyone involved in testing, whether or not they are currently using accelerated testing.
Standard 52.2-2012 does not address high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters or ultra low penetration air (ULPA) filters (MERV 17 through 20), and they are assigned MERV based on their performance in accordance with IEST Recommended Practices (RP).
Our finding that the length of the activity contributed negatively to children's attentiveness provides empirical support for the recommended practice of limiting whole-group instruction sessions.
CORBA will be working on a recommended practice that considers measures that public sector plan sponsors might take to more closely examine defined contribution plan fees and expenses for transparency, awareness, and disclosure to protect the interests of both the plan and its participants.
API 579 is a comprehensive consensus industry recommended practice that can be used to analyze, evaluate, and monitor equipment for continued operation.
In addition, AASHTO adopted a companion recommended practice to provide additional guidance for designing new HMA which incorporates RAS.
However, 43% of the obstetrician-gynaecologists said they had performed a hysterectomy in the previous year to treat mild or moderate cervical dysplasia, which is not recommended practice. (1)
When using manual key exchange methods, the recommended practice for keys used for data or keys that protect other keys is to use "split knowledge systems." These systems split the key into pieces among multiple individuals.
"This could be challenged under the 1986 Local Government Act and the Code of Recommended Practice on Publicity."
Although no longer recommended practice in canine training, perhaps this lad would benefit from having his nose rubbed in it to hopefully prevent him from carrying out the same disgusting display again?
Here's an example of how the vicious circle works: It might start when the recommended practice of regularly vacuuming clothes-dryer vents gets neglected because the task is not on anyone's priority list.

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