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Received pronunciation is preferred by call centres and companies promoting products to consumers, presumably in the belief that the hoi polloi are more likely to accept a sales pitch delivered by someone posh.
Received pronunciation also obtained the most favourable impressions in the definitive experiment as for this first question (table 6).
Couper (2003) gave pre- and posttests to 15 learners who received pronunciation instruction (focusing on both segmental and suprasegmental features) for approximately two hours per week for 16 weeks as part of an ESL course.
English speakers are probably familiar with General American and Received Pronunciation for their native language, but they may be unaware of language reforms recently adopted by German speaking countries.
The book itself is a valiant attempt to do just that by charting the development of post-war British drama against questions long familiar in socio linguistics: the rise and fall of Received Pronunciation; representations of regional speech; the nature of street talk; the vexed question of what Dorney, in the wake of Deborah Cameron, calls "verbal hygiene".
"I was doing what they call Received Pronunciation which is the Queen's English, so I was talking proper for about three months," the Daily Express quoted her as saying.
I can see the point of "posh", but we do get rather too much of received pronunciation from people who tell us how to live our lives and a posh accent can be divisive, even in the school playground.
However, Cumberbatch says it is harder for Brit thesps who naturally speak Received Pronunciation (RP), or "Queen's English," to win parts as lower-class characters.
I trained at RADA and found the process of learning Received Pronunciation, very difficult.
The paper concludes the description of Turkish- English phonology by reducing the number of phonemes by 8 from a studied total of 23 phonemes from Received Pronunciation. Teachers of pronunciation can make use of the suggested pronunciation framework for effective, viable and realistic teaching targets.
Longtime director and teacher with the Royal Shakespeare Company, John Barton, who is interviewed in The Story of English, says in his 1985 television series Playing Shakespeare that the American accent is closer to the Elizabethan accent than current British Received Pronunciation. These two claims and Assistant Professor Alexander Harrington's work with Southern students on speeches from Shakespeare's plays prompted the formation of a research group consisting of Professor Harrington and a number of students.
Another to benefit from the Jockey Club's world of received pronunciation, Shy Talk slipped through the yawning north-south divide of the era to the chuckles of the members at Ripon and at Pontefract.

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