Realized profit

Realized profit (or loss)

A capital gain or loss on securities held in a portfolio that has become actual by the sale or other type of surrender of one or many securities.

Realized Gain

The amount by which the sale price of an asset exceeds its purchase price. Unless the realized gain came from a tax-exempt or tax-deferred asset, it is taxable. However, the type of taxation to which it is subject varies according to how long the asset has been owned. A realized gain from an asset owned longer than one year is usually taxed at the capital gains rate, while an asset owned for a period shorter than a year is often subject to the higher income tax rate. It is also called the recognized gain. See also: Unrealized gain.
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Properties and apartments were sold with a value of SEK 603 million (783), generating a realized profit of SEK 48 million (109).
The net realized profit from operations with previous metals and foreign currency made 532.
The increased number is not a result of the increased tax indiscipline but the improved methodologies, said Trajkovski, adding that most of them refer to citizens who realized profit from betting stores.
A company statement on the Kuwait Stock Exchange website said the company realized profit of KD 247,040 at fils 2.
Ultimately, as supply meets demand, and as sales are allocated to purchases, unrealized profit dollars flow through to realized profit dollars.
This suggests that while realized profit may not be sufficient for explaining investment, models relying wholly on output or market value variables are incomplete and should be extended to include a direct measure of profitability.
The same consideration also applies to a realized profit when it occurs.
DPP's higher accuracy is illustrated in Exhibit 1, where the gross margin overstates the realized profit by $2.
SSO does not reveal the names of companies that are part of its statistics but point out that most of the realized profit is from Bosnia&Herzegovina where work in an amount of 4.
Bader Al-Amiri said KAC realized profit of KD 86 million in the first half of
hike in realized profit, before deduction of interest and tax, by as much as a