real market

Real market

The bid and offer prices at which a dealer could execute the desired quantity of shares. Quotes in the brokers market.
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Real Market

The bid and ask quotes at which a security is traded. The real market does not account for a security's fundamental value, only the price at which it may actually be traded. A dealer engaging in the real market gives quotes that are likely to be taken. A dealer who does not wish to engage the real market may give quotes, but the quotes are purposely too high (if an ask) or too low (if a bid).
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real market

The quotes from a dealer who is willing to buy and sell a security in relatively large volume. Dealers uninterested in trading a security may provide quotes but do not expect anyone to act on them.
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The change is to better reflect real market lending rates and enable quick response to the central bank's easing policies.
I suspect that if real market values were applied to the properties for rent or sale in Cyprus the market would boom, as it is there are many, many places left empty because even the general public realise values set by owners are unrealistic.
He said that the interactive report making process would enable the policy makers to take timely decisions on the basis of real market prices prevailing in the country.
Though not a real market mover, the tame price data should cap Treasury yields for now, unless equities take off higher.
Thanks to the introduction of currency liberalization in Uzbekistan, since September 5 2017, citizens of the country sell currency in banks at a real market rate.
The Station Square property has a real market value of $3.8 million, according to Lane County property records.
The three deals concern real estate properties sold to one and the same legal person whereby the selling price was significantly lower than the real market value of the properties.
It shows that most households' real market incomes remained flat or fell, even though aggregate growth remained positive in the 2005-2014 period.
Plaintiff appeals the real market value of his residence for the 2013-2014 tax year.
"There's a real market for it at the moment, so they think that it will be a real money earner."