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Real estate broker

An intermediary who receives a commission for arranging and facilitating the sale of a property for a buyer or a seller.
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real estate broker

See broker.

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"The sector, including commercial real estate brokers, benefitted from the strong U.S.
"From September 1, 2018 all real estate brokers, sales agents and developers must hold a RERA licence by law or will be subject to penalties," he said.
The Silver category winners comprised Unique Properties Brokers, Driven Properties LLC, Alruwad Real Estate, H&H Investment & Development LLC, Property Network Broker, Eastern Real Estate, Apollo Real Estate Broker, Al Fehaidi Real Estate Est, Osloob Real Estate LLC, Fortune 5 Real Estate Broker LLC, Al Muttawa Real Estate, Midmac Real Estate, Almuraqabat Real Estate, Castles Plaza Real Estate and Tamleek Real Estate Co.
For example, a real estate broker is no longer just selling a piece of real estate with concrete walls.
DLD encourages all individuals involved in brokerage services to download the application for a quick and easy way to identify the best real estate brokers according to their performance indicators and efficiency.
Naveed Qamar assured the real estate brokers of his support to resolve issues pertaining to the taxation system, it added.
Muscat: Manipulation and raising real estate prices will be a thing of the past following the launch of the Ministry of Housing's electronic registration of real estate brokers, which will also provide listings of employment opportunities in real estate.
Yadav (pictured below), who earned a business degree from India's Maduri Kamarj University, arrived in Dubai and was employed as a driver before we worked his way up the ladder and made his fortune as a real estate broker, heading up the Emirates Homes Real Estate Brokers firm since 2003.
Founded in 2007 by Michael Volkin, Area Pro Realty is a unique and innovative franchise that allows real estate brokers to grow a large brokerage with an extraordinary amount of technology and support at a fraction of the normal cost.
"Across the nation, far too many real estate brokers spend tens of thousands of dollars on custom Web sites, only to realize their investment didn't meet their needs," said Rusty Lindquist, vice president of Broker and Agent Products for a la mode.
PDG said the new title is designed to help real estate brokers and agents "better market themselves." Each issue will include articles and advice for attracting clients, with an emphasis on the marketing and sales issues that affect their careers.

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