real estate broker

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Real estate broker

An intermediary who receives a commission for arranging and facilitating the sale of a property for a buyer or a seller.

real estate broker

See broker.

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I've been in the real estate business for over 10 years and I've worked with dozens of traditional real estate brokerage firms.
For over 30 years, Allan Schneider Associates has been a major force in East End real estate, specializing as a luxury residential real estate brokerage in the Hamptons, on Shelter Island and the North Fork.
The GLB Act neither specifically authorizes nor specifically forbids financial holding companies or financial subsidiaries of national banks to engage in real estate brokerage and management activities.
Local real estate brokerage sites show newly listed homes for sale seven to nine days earlier than national portals.
REW: What is the customary basis on which a broker can sue in New York State to recover real estate brokerage commissions?
Arias, CEO of the Company said, "Realco has decided to focus its real estate brokerage operations in the commercial rather than the residential sector.
The sale of this parcel adds another land deal to the almost 2,000 acres we have sold since January," said Paul Rogers, president of Inland Real Estate Brokerage & Auctions.
Residential real estate brokerage firms that join the new Sotheby's International Realty luxury franchise network have access to exclusive business resources and services, such as marketing, information technology, operations, public relations, recruiting, client referrals and training.
Cope predicts that many mid-sized companies will continue to be squeezed by the economies of scale that are developing in the real estate brokerage business, and that market share increases will be earned by the most financially stable competitors.
Pamela Liebman, president and CEO of The Corcoran Group since 2000, will continue to lead the Manhattan-based residential real estate brokerage firm.
This marks the first time that a real estate brokerage service has introduced both a storefront and online service as part of an integrated service offering.

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