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Real Estate Agent

A person who facilitates the sale of real estate. Real estate agents network with potential buyers, show properties to them, and generally act in a way that will help sell the property in the shortest possible period of time. A real estate agent receives a commission for his/her services, usually a percentage of the value of the property sold. In the United States, a real estate agent must receive a license from the state in which he/she works. A real estate agent is an employee of a real estate broker.

real estate agent

See agent.

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Fijipropertysales is a Fiji based real estate agency helping people to buy properties.
Shockley, not surprisingly, lied to the Real Estate Agency, falsifying the documents he sent in.
As the winner for Best Real Estate Agency Marketing UK, Fine & Country has been entered into the overall International Awards which takes place in December, competing on a global level to be deemed one of the best property companies in the world.
The three awards received by Harbor included:*Best Real Estate Agency Marketing -- Arabia Region *Best Real Estate Agency Marketing -- Dubai *Best Real Estate Agency -- Highly CommendedCommenting on this recognition, Mohanad Alwadiya, Managing Director of Harbor Real Estate, said: "It's a great honor to be recognized by an international panel of such distinguished industry professionals.
Coldwell Banker Advantage Realty, led by Wayne and Paulette Richie, ranked as the third-largest residential real estate agency in the state last year, with a $323.
Soteriou said BuySell, like every other local real estate agency, had to go through the same channels and apply for certification.
The loans in question were extended from around November 2003 through the mediation of the Tokyo real estate agency, called Koshi Trust, which had business dealings with SMBC's corporate loan department in Koenji in suburban Tokyo.
The first investors and retirees started arriving," as soon as the law went on the books, says Alvaro Saballos, partner in Snider Realty, a Managua real estate agency founded in Costa Rica during that country's real estate boom.
If you find yourself shopping for a real estate agency or you are a competitive licensed agency in any of the 50 States, give it a go, absolutely free.
The Oregon Real Estate Agency, which licenses and regulates about 17,500 real estate professionals, has issued roughly 200 administrative actions over the past three years, according to a Register-Guard analysis of the actions.

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