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SHOP LOCAL All things being equal, private investors are often better served by small, perhaps localized real estate private partnerships that throw off real cash flow, than by global, publicly listed full-service investment brands where an alignment of interest between investors and these corporations may be deficient or missing.
Business DescriptionOwn an existing direct mail business with real cash flow.
She said: "Many farmers lost thousands of pounds worth of stock, feed and equipment and without access to these funds farmers are suffering real cash flow difficulties.
This time of year is known to put real cash flow pressure on firms and more often than not we see a spike in banks being asked to fund taxation liabilities.
Our aim is to build a company with real earnings, real cash flow, and a strong balance sheet in which this management team and our common shareholders can be proud.
And conversations about real cash flow will replace references to inferred non-GAAP metrics.
He argues that managers should focus on issues they can control in the areas of environment, the business, oneself, and the team, like real cash flow, product differentiation, marketing tools that don't add expense, and inverse marketing.
We think an overall merger makes more sense rather than selling OT (Orascom Telecom) in piecemeal, which could potentially leave OT with scattered operations with no real cash flow generation," analyst Amr Elalfy said in the note.
Capcom places great importance on real cash flow management, with cash generation - as opposed to financial profits - as the primary criteria in making management decisions and assessing enterprise value.
It also highlighted how performance measures based on cash flows can be incredibly difficult and inherently flawed because of the problems with the GAAP statement of cash flows and suggested that management must take the time to understand how to measure real cash flow and cash flow returns more accurately.
Asserts Sloan: "In technology, stick with proven companies such as AOL, which generates real cash flow.
So if you can reallocate part of that cost to a shorter depreciation life there is a real cash flow savings for the life of the facility from income taxes.