real market

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Real market

The bid and offer prices at which a dealer could execute the desired quantity of shares. Quotes in the brokers market.
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Real Market

The bid and ask quotes at which a security is traded. The real market does not account for a security's fundamental value, only the price at which it may actually be traded. A dealer engaging in the real market gives quotes that are likely to be taken. A dealer who does not wish to engage the real market may give quotes, but the quotes are purposely too high (if an ask) or too low (if a bid).
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real market

The quotes from a dealer who is willing to buy and sell a security in relatively large volume. Dealers uninterested in trading a security may provide quotes but do not expect anyone to act on them.
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Martin believes we need to embrace a different conception of business that includes a new model for aligning the expectations and real markets, executive compensation, and new structures that support authenticity and meaning.
The real market is the world in which factories are built, products and services are designed and produced, revenues are earned, expenses are paid, and profits are generated.
Lack of morality and cultural values in capitalism system, over-leaning of financial tools on real markets and over trust in capitalism are among the main causes of the current global crisis, Davoodi added.
As in real markets, deals done by one trader affect the value of the shares for others.
Whoever examines real markets in a comparative static way (in a neoclassical manner) assumes for the interpretation of the data (prize-quantity combinations) that at least a short-term equilibrium is given.
The differences between the electoral market and real markets are perhaps too obvious to be belabored.
"We don't want to buy wool and let it sit in a warehouse -- we're trying to create real markets." Blankets: $65 to $200 retail; volume discounts available for corporate gifting programs.
They are carving niches, finding real markets and planning to produce for real demand in the future.
If there are tractable formulas with application to real markets, LeBaron says, economists--with their more elaborate models--are not liable to discover them on their own.
The competition and feedback that distinguish real markets are missing in Russia.
In a real market system, competitors - not bribe-demanding bureaucrats - drive entrepreneurs crazy.
Whatever the future of emissions trading, pollution-rights markets can't work exactly like real markets. They are delivering at least some of the economists' dreams of cost-saving efficiencies.