real income

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Real income

The income of an individual, group, or country adjusted for inflation.

Real Income

Personal, corporate, or national income after accounting for inflation. Comparing one's real income from year to year shows how much income has grown or shrunk after adjusting for how much the buying power of the money has been affected. Nominal income compares only raw dollar amounts and does not account for inflation. For example, if one's nominal income has grown 10% and the inflation rate is 3%, the real income growth is 7%. Real income is also known as real wages. See also: Real GDP.

real income

Income, as of a person, group, or country, that has been adjusted for changes in the prices of goods and services. Real income measures purchasing power in the current year after an adjustment for changes in prices since a selected base year. If money income increases more than consumer prices, real income increases. If money income increases less than consumer prices, real income declines. Declines in real income are unfavorable for those suffering the declines and for firms selling goods and services to them.

real income

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Mr Carney said the squeeze on real incomes was pronounced but there were relatively few calls for higher wages to compensate in the UK.
But the issue is the year on year decrease in real income for the majority of working families.
3 tln in November- December), to support real incomes and personal consumption.
With abundant land, private ownership, and labor scarcity, per capita real incomes in the colonies quickly rose above those of English citizens, though they stagnated during much of the 18 century due to punitive British government policies of colonial taxation, mercantile exploitation, and rapid colonial immigration (North, 1983, ch.
D, HSC president and study coauthor, states that, "The downward trend in real incomes since the mid-1990s likely is an important driver of growing physician unwillingness to provide such pro bono work as charity care and serving on hospital committees.
They underlay their reasoning with statistics which show real incomes and unit labor costs having fallen in recent years.
In a meticulously researched analysis, he shows how the history of American economic development over the last two decades has been decidedly mixed, producing a complex pattern in which a sizable proportion of hard-working Americans have experienced staG-nating or declining real incomes while another group of highly qualified and skilled workers have enjoyed improvements in standards of living.
So we're seeing the economic growth and the rise in real incomes in the big cities and those people are beginning to buy cars.
Brazil has grown beyond all expectations in 2004, but real incomes are down.
That meant that over the last two decades oil had not had the negative effect it had in the past on real incomes and hence consumer spending, it said.
IRS said the figures meant real incomes growth was negligible or even negative for many workers.
This theoretical research shows that an establishment of hub and spoke integration tend to lead to convergence of the hub country and spoke countries with higher income in their real incomes, while it will cause divergence from spoke countries with lower income.