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Minority interest discount data are taken from transactions involving minority interests in public real estate limited partnerships. These transactions take place in the limited partnership secondary market.
(20.) Partnership Profiles, 2016 Rate of Return Study--Publicly Held Real Estate Limited Partnerships and Real Estate Investment Trusts (Dallas: Partnership Profiles), 11-16.
For entities holding real estate, the DLOC is determined by comparing the trading price of shares of a selected sample of registered real estate limited partnerships (RELPs) or real estate investment trusts (REITs) to the net asset value of the respective shares.
Because of the high degree of risk, investors in Real Estate Limited Partnerships expect to earn 20+ percent annually on their invested capital.
I represented the wife of a businessman who had been a general partner in a series of real estate limited partnerships. These partnerships had raised tens of millions of dollars over the years from affluent residents of Los Angeles's west side, and this businessman had been considered a perfectly reliable pillar of the community and a genius at recognizing hidden value in real estate.
An easy way for investors to round out their holdhags in this manner is to add interests in professionally managed, non-traded public REITs or real estate limited partnerships and LLCs.
E-mail American Life Inc manages real estate limited partnerships that offer qualifed investors secure monthly income with excellent capital gain potential.
"There are still concerns about real estate limited partnerships left over from the early 1990s and the savings and loan crisis that are still affecting us," Decker says.
As a result, real estate limited partnerships were virtually eliminated as tax shelters.
The Myers family collectively invested $4.8 million in 15 real estate limited partnerships recommended by the family's accountant, Robert Finkle.
In addition, the Whitehall Street Real Estate Limited Partnerships, Goldman Sachs' family of real estate opportunity funds, has signed a Letter of Intent for deployment of the ENN system in its office properties (totaling 24 million square feet) throughout the U.S.

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