ready, willing, and able

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Ready, Willing, and Able

Describing a person prepared to undertake an action. The term is especially used in reference to one ready to enter a contract.

ready, willing, and able

One who has the desire and the ability to act.If an owner has an exclusive right to sell listing contract with a broker,and the broker produces a buyer who is ready,willing,and able to buy,but the seller refuses to sell,the broker has earned the commission.

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Please contact me "IMMEDIATELY" if you are a direct Principal investor who is ready willing and able to provide this $250M BCL that we need to close this oil transaction.
New York follows the "ready willing and able rule", whereby a broker is entitled to a commission if he or she produces a Buyer who is ready willing and able to purchase at the terms set by the Seller.
Furthermore, if it is discovered that a Buyer cannot afford a contract this may prove that they were not ready willing and able. Therefore, it is important that a broker run a credit check on all potential Buyers before presenting them to the Seller.