ready, willing, and able

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Ready, Willing, and Able

Describing a person prepared to undertake an action. The term is especially used in reference to one ready to enter a contract.

ready, willing, and able

One who has the desire and the ability to act.If an owner has an exclusive right to sell listing contract with a broker,and the broker produces a buyer who is ready,willing,and able to buy,but the seller refuses to sell,the broker has earned the commission.

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While the owner had the right to terminate the broker's employment, the jury found he had not, and the broker was held to have been justified in continuing his efforts and entitled to a commission for ultimately finding a ready, willing and able purchaser.
The Steelworkers Union has been and is ready, willing and able to engage in good faith discussions.
We were ready, willing and able to vigorously pursue our case but business wisdom and caution always favors a reasonable resolution that safeguards the Company from surprises and unfavorable outcomes.
Nationwide Capital Corporation (OTCBB:NCCN) board of directors and executive management announced today that they acknowledge with respect the actions taken by the Securities and Exchange Commission and are ready, willing and able to fully cooperate with the SEC on any inquiry into the company and/or its officers on any matter mentioned in their Release No.
Our people are ready, willing and able to help restore public confidence and get the airline industry back on its feet," Buckham said.
Pacific Northwest Bank is ready, willing and able to help all businesses in the state, whether big or small with loans and business banking services.
We have a pool of senior level personnel with accounting, financial and IT skills ready, willing and able to handle project work that will allow them to capitilize on specific skills and related experience, " says Kurt Bonatz.
For example, a client looking for consulting help on an e-business project at their Baltimore location will see a highly relevant selection of local, regional, national and global firms that are ready, willing and able to serve them in Baltimore.
It is not in the public interest to delay the commencement of such service to subscribers, especially when there are ISPs ready, willing and able to provide such service right now, were it not for the anti-competitive predatory conduct of the cable operators.
GIC was ready, willing and able to sign and transfer the required funds to complete the transaction.