ready, willing, and able

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Ready, Willing, and Able

Describing a person prepared to undertake an action. The term is especially used in reference to one ready to enter a contract.

ready, willing, and able

One who has the desire and the ability to act.If an owner has an exclusive right to sell listing contract with a broker,and the broker produces a buyer who is ready,willing,and able to buy,but the seller refuses to sell,the broker has earned the commission.

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While the owner had the right to terminate the broker's employment, the jury found he had not, and the broker was held to have been justified in continuing his efforts and entitled to a commission for ultimately finding a ready, willing and able purchaser.
The judge ruled that although the broker is entitled to a commission because it produced a buyer ready, willing and able to purchase the seller's property on the seller's terms and at the sale failed to go forward as a result of the seller's own default, still a trial was required because of the fact that the broker entered into a second binder agreement with the seller for the same property.